Top iOS apps and games of the week #27

Battle a werewolf invasion with your insane ninja skills, rescue stranded sheep by solving math problems, and unwind with a relaxing puzzler in our roundup of the top iOS games. In our selection of top apps, we’ve got major updates to all-time favourites Scanner Pro and Pushbullet, plus a neat little app to help you set reminders in a jiffy.


Scanner Pro 6_iconScanner Pro 6 (Rs 190)

Readdle’s Scanner Pro has just received a big update to version 6.0, adding a complete redesign in addition to new features. The app now lets you edit your scans at any point in time, and automatically takes a scan when you open the camera within the app. There’s also a neat new Scan Radar feature which automatically scans your camera roll to find photos of documents and receipts. Additionally, the update adds support for OneDrive and OneNote.

Scanner Pro 6_1 Scanner Pro 6_2 Scanner Pro 6_3

Shopo_iconShopo (Free)

The official app for Snapdeal’s Shopo marketplace has just arrived on iOS. The app is meant for both buyers and sellers. For the latter, the app lets you snap and upload photos of items you want to sell, set up your own store and share your listings via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and more. For prospective buyers, the app features 14 product categories, and lets you chat, bargain and buy from the seller directly. 

Shopo_1 Shopo_2 Shopo_3

Pushbullet_iconPushbullet (Free)

Pushbullet is one of the most useful apps you can have on your smartphone, and with the latest update it’s become even more so. The app has received a redesign that makes it look very similar to Google Hangouts. You’ll see a new ‘Friends’ section at the bottom, where you can send files and links, and even chat with your contacts, just like you would on a regular messaging app. There’s also a ‘Me’ section which displays all the links and files you’ve shared between your personal devices. In addition, the new update improves in-app link browsing and file previewing, apart from the usual performance and stability enhancements.

Pushbullet_1 Pushbullet_2 Pushbullet_3

Remindify_iconRemindify (Free)

A useful little app, Remindify offers an innovative and quick way to set reminders. The app has over 200 symbols to depict various reminders, saving you the hassle of typing text every time. You can browse through these and add selected symbols to your favourites. When you need to add a reminder, all you have to do is tap on a symbol, set a reminder time and you’re good to go.

Remindify_1 Remindify_2 Remindify_3



A new indie puzzler that’s made in India, UNWYND is a colour and symbol matching game that’s designed to help you relax. Your goal is to pull coloured ribbons to mark like-coloured blocks on the screen. There are multiple solutions for each puzzle, and a total of 90 levels to complete.


The Executive_iconThe Executive (Rs 190)

Ninjas and werewolves come together in The Executive, a crazy new combat action game. You’ll play the CEO of a company that’s been attacked by werewolves. Using your martail arts skills, you’ll have to save your employees and later, the whole town from the dastardly wolves. The game features 120 levels, 50 unique enemies, 12 bosses and collectible skills, abilities and achievements. 

The Executive_1 The Executive_2

Divide by Sheep_iconDivide by Sheep (Rs 190)

The Grim Reaper has unleashed a great flood, stranding all the sheep on small islands. Your job is to help save the woolly creatures by solving math puzzles. The game features 120 puzzles spread across four worlds, which become progressively difficult. Along the way, you’ll also have to contend with enemies like lasers, wolves and the Grim Reaper’s pet kraken.   

Divide by Sheep_1 Divide by Sheep_2

CivMiner_iconCivMiner (Free)

In CivMiner you’ll play an explorer who tunnels through the depths of the earth in search of loot, monsters and fame. You’ll need to collect rare artifacts to unlock bonuses, defeat monsters and harvest their fossils to gain access to restricted areas, and form a clan to mine oil and build your empire.

CivMiner_1 CivMiner_2 CivMiner_3

App of the Week

StarWalk 2 (Free)

Free for the next one week, StarWalk 2 is a great app for astro-buffs, letting you point your iPhone or iPad at the sky to view the stars, constellations, comets and satellites above you.

Other notable new games to check out this week include Adventures of Pip, Heroki and Flummox

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