Top iOS apps and games of the week #26

A unique crime mystery featuring actual cinema footage, a platforming adventure involving a stranded astronaut and his drone, and the latest instalment in the LEGO Batman series await you in our roundup of the week’s best iOS games. Among our shortlisted apps, we’ve got a camera app with DSLR-style controls, as well as the latest update to Google Calendar.


Shoot by ProCam_iconShoot by ProCam (Rs 60)

Shoot by ProCam is a camera app for serious photographers. It features manual exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus and white balance controls, which can be adjusted through a DSLR-inspired scroll and stoppers system. The app displays live values, a thirds grid, horizontal tillmeter, live light-level histogram and a fill torch light. It also packs in an intelligent three-shot HDR mode, a metadata/EXIF reader and direct sharing options to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Messages and Mail.

Shoot by ProCam_1 Shoot by ProCam_2 Shoot by ProCam_3

Google Calendar_iconGoogle Calendar (Free)

Google Calendar for iOS has received a small but significant update that puts it on par with the Android app. The latest update lets you view your week’s schedule at a glance through the new 7-day view. It also lets you add week numbers by going into settings. You can now send Google Drive files to events, and the app will check if all attendees can open them. Additionally, the update brings interactive notifications, letting you directly open maps from alerts or respond  to guests via email.

Google Calendar_1 Google Calendar_2 Google Calendar_3

Daily Curiosity_iconDaily Curiosity (Free)

From the folks over at comes a new app called Daily Curiosity. The app displays a range of learning content and interesting topics from around the web. The content is hand-picked by the team’s editors and refreshed every 24 hours in the form of a daily news digest. The app features a repository of over 600,000 videos, as well as key facts and infographics. When you see a topic that interests you, you can tap to learn more or share it with friends.

Daily Curiosity_1 Daily Curiosity_2 Daily Curiosity_3


SpellUp_iconSpellUp (Free)

If you love word games, SpellUp is worth checking out. The game requires you to link letters to form words, using powerful boosters to get more points. There are 300 levels to complete, with special chapters inspired by the Zodiac signs. You’ll be able to link your Facebook account to the game to compete with friends, and if you’re feeling generous, even help them complete levels. 

SpellUp_1 SpellUp_2 SpellUp_3

Tales From Deep Space_iconTales From Deep Space (Rs 420)

In this adorable and funny puzzle adventure, you’ll help a little astronaut and his luggage drone escape from the space station known as Big Moon after it goes into lockdown. You’ll need to battle enemies and solve challenging puzzles, while attempting to uncover the mystery of station. The game features a single-player mode where you’ll be able to switch between both characters, as well as a two-player co-op mode where each player has control of one hero.

Tales From Deep Space_1 Tales From Deep Space_2

Her Story_iconHer Story (Rs 300)

Her Story is a crime and mystery adventure where you’ll need to solve a case involving a woman accused of murdering her husband. The game places you in front of an old desktop with the police database as your screen. You’ll need to search for keywords to find videos of the seven recorded interviews of the woman, which were shot in 1994. What makes the game unique is that the interviews are actual cinema footage. You’ll need to watch the clips and make notes of the suspect’s body language, reactions and responses to form your conclusions. 

Her Story_1 Her Story_2

LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham_iconLEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham (Rs 300)

The LEGO Batman series is back in this new action adventure. Playing the Dark Knight himself, you’ll join forces with Robin as you try to take down the villain Braniac. During the game, you’ll be able to unlock and play as over 100 characters from the DC universe, including those from the Justice League. You’ll also get to unlock special suits like Batman’s Demolition Suit, Robin’s Techno Suit and the Joker’s Decoy Suit. The game features 45 missions and a unique storyline set in space.

LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham_1 LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham_2

Piloteer_iconPiloteer (Rs 190)

In Piloteer, you’ll play a famous inventor who makes it his mission to help people get over the stigma of using jetpacks. The physics-based games will have you take to the skies as you complete 60 different missions that grow increasingly challenging as your progress. The game features three environments, and a choice of Career and Free Fly modes.

Piloteer_1 Piloteer_2

App of the Week

Halftone 2 (Free)

For the next one week, you can download the comic-book style photo editor Halftone 2 for free. The app processes your photos to make them look like they were printed on old comic books, and lets you customise them with special fonts, stamps and effects.

Other interesting games to check out include One More Run, SONIC RUNNERS and Siegefall.

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