Top iOS apps and games of the week #25

Help human survivors thrive and grow in a post-apocalyptic nuclear vault, eliminate a mutant infestation, and relive the adventures of the original Star Wars film in our weekly roundup of top new iOS games. On the app front, you can check out an intelligent photo organisation app, as well as the newly launched iOS app of social networking website Ello.


LinkedIn Pulse_iconLinkedIn Pulse (Free)

LinkedIn has just released the new version of the Pulse news app it purchased back in 2013. Called LinkedIn Pulse, the app delivers business news and content curated by the in-house editorial team. The app will show you what your LinkedIn peers and connections are reading, and will notify you if any of them are mentioned the news. It also learns from topics, people and companies you follow, bringing you tailor-made recommendations that improve over time. You can follow publications like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, The Economist, etc, as well as personalities like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and more.

LinkedIn Pulse_1 LinkedIn Pulse_2 LinkedIn Pulse_3

Emoji keyboard by LINE_iconEmoji keyboard by LINE (Free)

LINE’s new Emoji keyboard for iOS offers 3,000 unique stickers and emoji you can use for free. There are a range of animated and character stickers to choose from, featuring LINE’s mascots Brown and Cony, as well as several other new ones. The app can be installed as a third-party keyboard, letting you use the stickers and emoji outside of LINE. You can enable the keyboard by going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. LINE maintains that it doesn’t collect any personal or sensitive information through use of the keyboard.

Emoji keyboard by LINE_1 Emoji keyboard by LINE_2 Emoji keyboard by LINE_3

PicJoy_iconPicJoy (Free)

PicJoy is an intelligent photo management app for the iPhone that automatically categorises photos by date, season, weather, holidays, events, landmarks and places. The app connects to iCloud, and will soon integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon Photos, making all your images searchable in one place. Apart from using the intelligent search feature, you can also assign individual tags to photos to make them easier to find. Additionally, you can add stories to your photos to preserve the memories behind them, and the app will then automatically catalogue them into a photo journal.

PicJoy_1 PicJoy_2 PicJoy_3

Ello_iconEllo (Free)

Remember Ello, the ad-free and privacy focussed social network? If you’re among those who still use it, they have finally released a mobile app for iOS. The app lets you take full advantage of the desktop site’s features, letting you post photos, GIFs, videos, text, audio and music. You can repost, ‘love’ and bookmark posts you like, import contacts and search for people, and even share posts to other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+ and more. The app offers push notifications, and also lets you enable email notifications.

Ello_1 Ello_2 Ello_3


Fallout Shelter_iconFallout Shelter (Free)

The popular Fallout series for Xbox, Playstation and PC has made its way to iOS in Fallout Shelter. In this SIMS meets nuclear aftermath game, you’ll play the Overseer, design a state-of-the-art underground vault, manage the dwellers and keep them happy. You’ll need to find them jobs, improve their abilities with outfits, weapons and training, and play matchmaker to help the population grow. You’ll also have to build a Radio Room to attract more dwellers, and send them above ground to find survival loot. From time-to-time, your vault might be assaulted by the aftermath of the nuclear attack, and you’ll have to prepare your dwellers to handle what comes their way.

Fallout Shelter_1 Fallout Shelter_2 Fallout Shelter_3

Xenowerk_iconXenowerk (Rs 120)

Xenowerk is a top-down action shooter where you’ll have to make your way into an underground lab, destroying the mutants that were created in a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong. You’ll need to eliminate all the nests and mutants to prevent them from spreading, gathering armour and firepower from slain enemies to protect yourself. The game features upgradeable weapons, special powers, a wide range of collectibe gear, dual-stick touch controls and over 50 levels.

Xenowerk_1 Xenowerk_2

Dragon Jump_iconDragon Jump (Free)

In Dragon Jump, you play a knight who must defend the dungeon from attacking dragons. Using only your lance, you’ll need to step on the dragons to jump higher and higher, until you reach and defeat the evil bosses. You can only progress vertically in the game, either stepping on dragons or killing them with your lance. If you’re hit horizontally, you’ll die.

Dragon Jump_1 Dragon Jump_2 Dragon Jump_3

Star Wars Heroes Path_iconStar Wars – Heroes Path (Rs 250)

A new Disney Star Wars game inspired by the original film, Star Wars – Heroes Path retells the story through motion comics interspersed with puzzles. The game features iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Chewbacca, and you’ll have to use their special abilities to progress through six environments and dozens of levels. You’ll be able to unlock new heroes in every chapter, and call for backup in tough situations. You’ll also be able to earn hero powers and hints by completing daily challenges.

 Star Wars Heroes Path_1 Star Wars Heroes Path_2

App of the Week

Snotling Fling (Free)

This week’s free App of the Week is Warhammer’s Snotling Fling. The game requires you to command your army of green goblins, as they catapult crazy, destructive projectiles in an attempt to take down the fortresses built by the empire.

Also check out Freak Circus Racing, Bonza National Geographic and Mini Jump.

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