Top iOS apps and games of the week #23

Run and battle your way through your kingdom, build the boat of your dreams, and practice your sniper skills in our selection of the best iOS games of the week. On the apps front, we’ve got a powerful photo editor for your portrait shots and a useful tool that gives you unique insights before your scheduled meetings.


Relook_iconRelook (Rs 250)

A photo editing app from the makers of Repix and Camu, Relook gives you access to a range of professional tools for your portrait shots and selfies. With the help of the Bright-3 tool, you can reduce the appearance of pores, wrinkles and greasy skin, while the Healing tool intelligently removes pimples and spots. You can also enhance eyes, correct facial and body shapes, change skin tones, remove redness, adjust lighting or shadows, and defocus the background. The app features a number of presets, and lets you export your photos to Lightroom or Photoshop for further edits.

Relook_1 Relook_2 Relook_3

TrakCar_iconTrakCar (Free)

If you’re constantly forgetting where you’ve parked your car, TrakCar can be an incredibly useful app. It automatically detects your parking location whenever you park you car, helping you trace your steps if you can’t find it. You also have the option to enter the location manually. The app runs in the background, and will continue to work even when it’s minimised, provided Background App Refresh is enabled in settings.

TrakCar_1 TrakCar_2 TrakCar_3

Charlie_iconCharlie (Free)

Charlie is a new app that sends you detailed information and insights about people and companies you’re about to meet a few minutes before every calendar appointment. It works with Google, Outlook and other calendars on your phone, pulling details from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and news articles to keep you in the loop of common acquaintances, professional backgrounds, interests, company information and more.

Charlie_1 Charlie_2 Charlie_3

Yogo_iconYogo (Rs 300)

A handy little app for small businesses, photographers, designers and creatives, Yogo allows you to add your personal logo to photos. All you need to do is upload a .png file of your logo, and then scale, crop, rotate or adjust its opacity before placing it on your photos. You can upload and save multiple logos in the app for easy access. 

Yogo_1 Yogo_2 Yogo_3


Blades of Brim_iconBlades of Brim (Free)

From the creator of Subway Surfers comes Blades of Brim, a new endless runner game with elements of combat. As the champion of the kingdom, you’ll get to explore various locations, battling enemies and making allies on the way. You can rope in pets like magical horses, dragons and wolves of war, and collect weapons, shields, and battle armour. The game features power ups, combos, upgrades and portals to several worlds.

Blades of Brim_1 Blades of Brim_2 Blades of Brim_3

Dead Among Us_iconDead Among Us (Free)

A deadly virus has caused a zombie apocalypse, and it’s your job to battle the undead in this first person shooter. Playing an acclaimed archer, your job is to cull the zombie menace, while guarding survivors as they make supply runs and scientists as they collect samples to formulate an antivirus. The game features single-handed gameplay, a range of customisable bows, 10 unique locations, and over 95 quests. You can activate power-ups that will let you slow time, bring up a zombie-detection radar, and enable a kill-shot to destroy even the strongest of zombies.

Dead Among Us_1 Dead Among Us_2 Dead Among Us_3

Hitman Sniper_iconHitman Sniper (Rs 300)

Hitman Sniper, the highly anticipated fixed position shooting game, is finally available for iOS. In the game you’ll play Agent 47, a silent assassin who uses a combination of stealth and skill to wipe out the criminal elite. By eliminating targets, collecting weapon parts and completing blueprints, you’ll be able to unlock 13 sniper rifles. There are 150 missions to complete, several secrets to uncover and undetected kills to master.

Hitman Sniper_1 Hitman Sniper_2

You Must Build A Boat_iconYou Must Build A Boat (Rs 190)

In this sequel to 10000000, you’ll start your adventure on a simple little boat. To improve it, you’ll need to recruit a crew, who will live on the boat and offer you their services. To do this, you’ll need to complete a series of match-three quests. The game mechanics are unique – displaying your character running on the top of the screen, and the game board below. By matching various items, you’ll be able to unlock chests and battle enemies that appear in your way. The levels are fast-paced, so if you don’t match the tiles in time you’ll be thrown off the screen. You’ll also get to capture and recruit monsters, cast spells and upgrade your board. 

You Must Build A Boat_1 You Must Build A Boat_2 You Must Build A Boat_3

Robbery Bob 2_iconRobbery Bob 2 (Free)

The second instalment of the Robbery Bob series is now out on the App Store. In the game, you’ll help Bob the burglar plan a wedding for a mobster’s daughter. Set over 60 levels, you’ll need to sneak past guards, avoid traps and hug walls to stay out of sight as you try to solve puzzles and collect as much loot as possible. You’ll get to use gadgets like RC Cars and Teleportation Mines to get out of sticky situations, and disguise yourself in a variety of outfits to slip past unnoticed.

Robbery Bob 2_1 Robbery Bob 2_2

App of the Week

2Do (Free)

Free for the next one week is the premium task manager app 2Do. The app offers powerful features like list groups, smart lists, simple tasks, checklists, projects, location alerts, a task editor and a dedicated tags panel, among others. For the duration of the promotion, 2DO for Mac is available at a 50 percent discount.

Other notable games to check out include Move the Walls, Ember Conflict and Radical Rapelling.

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