Top iOS apps and games of the week #22

iPhone users have a real treat this week, with acclaimed photo editor Pixelmator and Google’s Photos app making their way to the App Store. On the gaming front, we’ve got a gorgeous cartoon-themed adventure runner, an emotional story-driven RPG and a fast-paced arcade game from the makers of One More Line.


Pixelmator_iconPixelmator (Rs 300)

Powerful image editing app Pixelmator is finally available for the iPhone, and if you own it for iPad, it’s free of cost. The app lets you make layer-based edits, and also allows you to sketch and paint. Apart from going universal, the latest update adds Distort, Clone and Repair Selection tools. It also brings new pre-designed shapes and text styles, more layer templates, a Hue adjustment setting, the ability to zoom up to 1000 percent while painting, and more.

Pixelmator_1 Pixelmator_2

Moleskine Timepage_iconMoleskine Timepage (Rs 300)

Acclaimed stationery maker Moleskine, which is famous for its journals and notebooks, has just launched a minimalist new calendar app for iOS. Called Moleskine Timepage, the app displays your calendar as a continuous timeline, and shows you single day event views. It also integrates a fully-featured weather app, and displays travel time and directions to your events by car, public transport, cycling or walking. The app works with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and iCloud, can be personalised with a choice of 13 Moleskine colours.

Moleskine Timepage_1 Moleskine Timepage_2 Moleskine Timepage_3

Spark_iconSpark (Free)

Spark is a brand new email app that displays a unified inbox, segregating mail into personal, notifications and newsletters. Using simple swipe gestures, you’ll be able to archive or delete mails, pin important ones to the top, and set reminders or snooze alarms. The app lets you send quick replies, swipe between signatures while composing, save emails as PDFs, and enable read receipts. It lets integrates with services like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc, letting you attach files from them and save attachments to them. The app also features a calendar widget, letting you view event invites at a glance and save invitations easily.

Spark_1 Spark_2 Spark_3

Google Photos_iconGoogle Photos (Free)

At Google’s I/O developer conference this week, the company announced its brand new Photos app for Android and iOS. The new app breaks away from Google+ and is a standalone service where users can privately store their photos and videos. Google is also offering unlimited storage for free, for photos up to 16MB in size and videos up to 1080p. The app lets you automatically back up your photos so you can access them across devices. It also offers editing tools, the ability to group photos into various types of collections, and share multiple images at a time using shareable links.

Google Photos_1 Google Photos_2 Google Photos_3


One More Dash_iconOne More Dash (Free)

From the makers of One More Line comes another challenging arcade game called One More Dash. Your aim is to dash between circles, following a mapped-out path. The game isn’t as easy as it sounds though, because each circle is surrounded by a rotating barrier, requiring you to time your moves to avoid collision. The game features dozens of unlockable themes and avatars, and over 300 missions to complete.

One More Dash_1 One More Dash_2 One More Dash_3

Always Sometimes Monsters_iconAlways Sometimes Monsters (Rs 120)

PC game Always Sometimes Monsters which was launched last year is now available on iOS. In this story-driven RPG, you play a character whose life is on the brink of collapse. Having lost your home and facing writers block, you embark on a journey to win back the love of your life. You’ll get to choose your character on the basis of gender, race and sexual orientation, living through the unique hardships that befall you. The game features a number of different paths, which you’ll experience depending on the choices you make. 

Always Sometimes Monsters_1 Always Sometimes Monsters_2

Nubs' Adventure_iconNubs’ Adventure (Free)

In this platforming adventure, you’ll play Nubs, who has to rebuild his home after it has been destroyed by the evil Reds. With the help of your friends Ally the wisp and Brute the worm, you’ll get to explore four different worlds, each with their own secrets, enemies and traps. You’ll get to control all three characters, solve puzzles, collect diamonds and fight the Reds in boss battles. The game features customisable controls and a peppy soundtrack. 

Nubs' Adventure_1 Nubs' Adventure_2

Cartoon Survivor_iconCartoon Survivor (Free)

Cartoon Survivor is an adventure runner, where you have to guide the character Doo Doo as he runs, jumps and glides his way through obstacle-filled paths. Featuring colourful 3D graphics, you’ll explore four prehistoric worlds, discover hidden paths and caves, and avoid enemies and obstacles before the timer runs out. The game features unlockable helmets and trophies, customisable costumes and Game Center leaderboards and achievements. 

Cartoon Survivor_1 Cartoon Survivor_2

App of the Week

Hyper Square (Free)

Free all this week on the App Store is the fast-paced arcade game Hyper Square. The objective is to place all the squares in their respective targets as fast as you can to keep the timer ticking.

Other interesting games to check out include Sproggiwood, Desktop Dungeons and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

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