Top iOS apps and games of the week #21

Help a teenage girl escape a haunted mansion, rescue stranded folk in your helicopter, and engage in some old-school platformer-style combat in our selection of the top new iOS games. And while you’re at it, check out a new feature-packed photo editor, and the gorgeous new themes in SwiftKey.


SwiftKey_iconSwiftKey (Free)

Popular third-party keyboard SwiftKey’s iOS app has just received a big update. The app now has 12 new themes for the iPhone and iPad, which you can purchase via its theme store. There are five Nickel themes, six Minimal themes and the app’s first animated theme called Shooting Stars. The update also brings performance improvements, and reduces the number of instances when SwiftKey is unintentionally replaced by the default iOS keyboard. 

SwiftKey_1 SwiftKey_2 SwiftKey_3  

Cover_iconCover (Free)

Cover is a beautiful new photo editor that makes it simple to add design layers to your photos. It features 272 preset templates across seven categories, each of which can be adjusted to your liking. The app features a shuffle button which automatically creates a combination of filters, brightness and cover designs, which you can use as is, or adjust further. It also offers 15 filters, 115 fonts and 578 stickers covering categories like doodles and geometric shapes.

Cover_1 Cover_2 Cover_3

Arrive_iconArrive (Free)

Arrive is a useful new app that lets you share your location with friends and family through your iPhone or Apple Watch. To set it up, you’ll need to select how long you want to share your location for, and then send an SMS with a unique map link to selected contacts. They can then view this map in the Arrive app or their browser until it expires. The app doesn’t require you to sign-up, and shares your location privately.

Arrive_1 Arrive_2 Arrive_3


Sword of Xolan_iconSword of Xolan (Rs 60)

Sword of Xolan is an action platformer featuring a retro pixel-art style. You’ll play Xolan in the game, a young man trying to bring back peace to a land tainted with darkness. You’ll have to face over 30 different enemies including zombies, giants and flying creatures, as well as three boss battles. The game features 30 adventure levels, nine time-based challenge levels and 10 unique game cards that improve Xolan’s skill. It offers customisable touch controls, MFi controller support and 19 Game Center achievements.

Sword of Xolan_1 Sword of Xolan_2

Skiing Yeti Mountain_iconSkiing Yeti Mountain (Free)

In this skiing-themed adventure game, you’ll need to ski your way down a snowy slope in your quest to find the fabled Yeti. As you make your descent, you’ll need to weave your way around obstacles like trees, skid over ice and launch yourself off cliffs. The game features hundreds of short levels, several challenge tracks and a cast of quirky characters.

Skiing Yeti Mountain_1 Skiing Yeti Mountain_2 Skiing Yeti Mountain_3

Til Morning's Light_iconTil Morning’s Light (Rs 420)

A new game from Amazon Game Studios, in Til Morning’s Light you’ll have to help a teenage girl named Erica escape from a 200-year old haunted mansion before dawn. You’ll have to explore over 100 unique rooms in the mansion, finding clues, collecting tools and solving puzzles. Armed with weapons like clubs, knives and swords, you’ll need to engage in rhythm-based combat to defeat supernatural creatures and bosses, and ultimately break the curse.

Til Morning's Light_1 Til Morning's Light_2

Brickies_iconBrickies (Free)

A new take on the classic brick-breaking game, Brickies features colourful graphics, timed levels and challenging boss battles. The essence of the gameplay remains the same – launch a bouncing ball off paddles at the bottom of the screen and attempt to break all the bricks. The game features 100 levels, an endless mode, power-ups, combos and achievements.

Brickies_1 Brickies_2 Brickies_3

Risky Rescue_iconRisky Rescue (Free)

Risky Rescue is an arcade game where you’ll need to maneuver a helicopter through an obstacle-filled sky as you attempt to rescue stranded people. You’ll need to fly the chopper as fast as you can, while watching out for mountains, windmills, cranes, balloons and planes. The game features 50 levels set over three worlds, an endless mode, 20 unlockable helicopters, leaderboards and achievements.

Risky Rescue_1 Risky Rescue_2 Risky Rescue_3

App of the Week

Magnetized (Free)

Free for one week as part of Apple’s App of the Week giveaway, Magnetized is a challenging physics-based puzzler. You’ll be tasked with guiding a little black square through neon-coloured mazes, using the magnetic points for navigation.

Other interesting games to check out include Edge of Oblivion: Alpha Squadron 2, Capitals and Jets.

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