Top iOS apps and games of the week #20

Play a bounty hunter battling fantastic creatures, defend your castle with armies of dwarves, elves and giants, and become a grenade-throwing ninja in our top iOS games. Our roundup of the top apps includes a great new keyboard courtesy of Sunrise calendar and a new privacy-focussed messaging app from BitTorrent.


GVO_iconGVO (Free)

There’s so much negativity in the news everyday, and this app wants to fix it. GVO  – which stands for Good Vibes Only – curates the most positive news from across the world. Covering categories like We the People, Animals, Science, Celebrities, Music, Sport and more, you’ll be able to read various articles using the app’s inbuilt browser. You can also share stories to Facebook and Twitter. And if you come across a story that gives you good vibes, you can submit it to the GVO team as a suggestion.


Sunrise_iconSunrise (Free)

The beautiful calendar app Sunrise has received an update which brings its new Meet keyboard for iOS 8. The keyboard makes it easy for you to schedule a meeting without checking your calendar. It shows you all the available spots in your calendar, and lets you pick the ones that suit you best, along with a possible location, and share them with anyone via a short link. If the recipient picks one of the slots you suggested, it automatically gets added to both your calendars.

Sunrise_1 Sunrise_2 Sunrise_3

BitTorrent Bleep_iconBitTorrent Bleep (Free)

BitTorrent’s Bleep is a new messaging app with a focus on privacy. The app lets you send instant messages and make free phone calls over Wi-Fi or data. For when you want to share sensitive information, you can use the app’s Whisper feature, which sends a message that disappears as soon as it’s been read. All messages sent using the app are encrypted and stored locally, and you have the option to delete your messaging history at any point. You don’t need to sign up to use the app, but you have the option to login with your email or phone number. The app lets you import your address book contacts and invite friends over email, SMS or by sharing your public key.

BitTorrent Bleep_1 BitTorrent Bleep_2 BitTorrent Bleep_3


Oddwings Escape_iconOddwings Escape (Free)

In this physics-based adventure, your mission is to guide a duck as far as possible, as you try to avoid the evil Dr Rooster’s dangerous traps, obstacles and poison gases. Along the way, you’ll need to collect coins and keys to free your trapped Oddwings friends. Each Oddwing comes with its own special powers, and your mission is to unlock them all. The game features a multiplayer element where you can compete with friends with our without an internet connection. By besting your friend’s scores, you’ll also be able to earn special rewards.  

Oddwings Escape_1 Oddwings Escape_2

Heroes and Castles 2 iconHeroes and Castles 2 (Rs 120)

Heroes and Castles 2 is a third-person RPG with elements of castle defence. You’ll get to choose one of three powerful races and customise and level up your hero with skills, abilities, weapons and armour. You’ll be able to summon huge armies of dwarves, elves, archers, giants, knights, catapults and mages, and command them to defend your castle. The single player campaign requires you to hold fort through 30 waves of attacks. There’s also a cooperative multiplayer mode where you can team up with a friend, and a PvP mode where you’ll battle against other players, trying to destroy their castle while defending your own.

Heroes and Castles 2_1 Heroes and Castles 2 2

Fearless Fantasy_iconFearless Fantasy (Rs 250)

Fearless Fantasy is a RPG adventure with a weird, fantasy-like premise. You play Leon the bounty hunter, who’s on a mission to kill the world’s weirdest creatures, and save a girl from a bad marriage. The gesture-based gameplay requires you to use swipes, taps and pauses to score critical hits and block enemy attacks. The game features a full storyline with cut-scenes and voice-overs, an upgrade-system for your hero, and epic boss battles.

Fearless Fantasy_1 Fearless Fantasy_2

Parigami_iconParigami (Free)

A tropical-themed match-three game, in Parigami you’ll be tasked with sliding rows and columns to match colourful animal blocks. The game features several animal characters, 40 levels, four different world zones, bonuses, special prizes, mini-games and the ability to play with friends on Facebook.  

Parigami_1 Parigami_2 Parigami_3

Fragger 2_iconFragger 2 (Rs 190)

The sequel to the popular game Fragger is finally out on the App Store. The puzzle-based gameplay requires you to toss hand grenades to wipe out the enemy. Each level gives you a limited amount of grenades, so you’ll need to plan your strikes carefully. The game features 90 levels, three worlds, new features like Laser Switches and Gravity Shifters, and Game Center support.

Fragger 2_1 Fragger 2_2

App of the Week

Quetzalcoatl (Free)

Free on the App Store for one week is the popular puzzle game Quetzalcoatl. The game features 180 levels, and requires you to guide coloured snakes on to matching sections on the grid.

Other interesting games to check out are Knights of Pen & Paper 2, Nitro Nation Online and Splish Splash Pong.

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