Top iOS apps and games of the week #2

A golf-themed dungeon crawler, a slot machine/match-three/magical defence mashup, and a gun-toting rolling cube are creating mayhem in our roundup of the top new games. Our pick of the best apps this week include new additions from Evernote and the sadistic artificial intelligence CARROT. 


Evernote Scannable_iconEvernote Scannable (Free)

Evernote has launched a handy scanning app called Evernote Scannable. The app uses your iPhone’s camera to capture high-quality scans of documents, Post-it notes or whiteboards, and automatically rotates, crops and adjusts them for the clearest result. Additionally, you can use the app to scan business cards and automatically save them as contacts, complete with LinkedIn details.

Evernote Scannable_1 Evernote Scannable_2 Evernote Scannable_3


A new app for musicians, PLAYER analyses all the songs in your personal music library, displaying chords, keys and song structure in real time so you can play along. It also displays finger positions for the guitar, keyboards and ukelele. In addition, you can use the app’s ‘Discover’ and ‘Top Charts’ sections to find tracks in the iTunes Store, and learn how to play them.


CARROT Hunger_iconCARROT Hunger (Free)

CARROT, the fiendish artificial intelligence that has featured in many fitness and productivity apps, is back in a new app called CARROT Hunger. The app helps you track your calorie intake, rewarding you for eating healthy and insulting you if you indulge. You can create an avatar which expands when you eat, motivating you to moderate your habits. The app also lets you log your workouts, set goals, and create time-based reminders for meals.

CARROT Hunger_1 CARROT Hunger_2 CARROT Hunger_3

Committo3_iconCommitTo3 (Free)

A new productivity and teamwork app, Committo3 lets you create a checklist with the three most important tasks of the day, and share them with co-workers, friends and family. You’ll get to track other team members’ progress, and receive emails when they complete their tasks, motivating you to finish your own.

Committo3_1 Committo3_2 Committo3_3

Purrge_iconPurrge (Rs 60)

Purrge is a cat-themed photo management tool. It lets you delete unwanted photos easily using swipe gestures. You can either use the grid view, swiping across multiple photos at a time to delete them, or a single photo view, to swipe up to delete. To undo a delete, you only need to shake your phone.

Purrge_1 Purrge_2 Purrge_3


Gunbrick_iconGunbrick (Rs 190)

A new platform puzzler from the developers who brought us Icebreaker: Viking Voyage, in Gunbrick you’ll be in charge of a cube which has a gun on one end and a shield on the other. Rolling your way through three worlds, you’ll need to head to the exit in each level, defending yourself against enemies and powerful bosses. The game features simple swipe controls, unlockable achievements and zero in-app purchases.

Gunbrick_1 Gunbrick_2

Wizard Golf RPG_iconWizard Golf RPG (Free)

Wizard Gold RPG is a unique dungeon crawler where you play a wizard who must get to the exit of each dungeon using as few spells as possible, governed by the rules of golf. The game features 12 courses, each with nine holes. You’ll need to fight monsters, collect loot, buy weapons and upgrade your skills, while exploring diverse settings like castles, dungeons and grassy fields. 

Wizard Golf RPG_1 Wizard Golf RPG_2

Hero Emblems_iconHero Emblems (Rs 190)

Hero Emblems is a mix between a side-scrolling platformer and a match-three puzzler. Set in the middle ages, you’ll be in control of four heroes who wield different emblem powers, using them to prevent the re-awakening of the God of Evil. The game features turn-based battles, letting you launch combo attacks, defence, healing and skills by matching tiles. You’ll also get to explore a vast fantasy world, and partake in story-driven quests that will define the game’s ending.

Hero Emblems_1 Hero Emblems_2 Hero Emblems_3

Drop Wizard_iconDrop Wizard (Rs 60)

Drop Wizard is a retro-style arcade game where you’ll play Teo, a wizard who embarks on a quest to save his friend turned into stone by an evil warlock. It features over 60 levels, epic boss battles, power ups, combos and secret game modes. The old-school game features 16-bit visuals and a soundtrack to match.

Drop Wizard_1 Drop Wizard_2

Area 777_iconArea 777 (Free)

In Area 777, you’ll play a stage magician who must defend Las Vegas from aliens, using a combination of magical spells and a slot machine. You’ll need to spin the reels and match symbols to unleash magic, and choose from seven types of chips, each with their own abilities. The game features four Vegas-themed locations, six unlockable special achievements, a High Roller mode and Game Center integration. 

Area 777_2 Area 777_1

App of the Week

Mujo (Free)

This week’s free App of the Week is Mujo, a Greek myth-themed match-three combat game. You’ll get to enlist various Greek gods for your team, and defeat mythical monsters by using their special abilities and matching tiles.

Other notable new launches this week include Spirefall, Space Marshalls and The Princess Bride.

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