Top iOS apps and games of the week #19

This week, iOS users will finally get a chance to download the popular Android photography app Camera51. In addition, there are also significant updates to the all-time favourites Flickr and Dropbox. Those looking forward to a weekend of gaming will be treated to the latest Angry Birds game, an open-world action adventure, and an iOS port of an acclaimed PC dungeon crawler.


Camera51_iconCamera51 (Free)

Popular Android photography app Camera51 has just made its way to the App Store. The app’s Auto Framing and Composition technology detects and defines the main objects in the frame in real time. Alternatively, you can manually select up to three objects to adjust framing guidance, focus and exposure. There’s also a Peripheral Object Alert feature that notifies you of objects in the frame that might affect your photo, as well as an Auto Selfie mode.

Camera51_1 Camera51_2 Camera51_3

Dropbox_iconDropbox (Free)

Cloud storage service Dropbox has just received an interesting new update that lets you comment directly on files, and notify others of your comments with @mentions. The app has also added a new Recents tab that gives you an up-to-date look at all your recent activity. Additionally, 1Password login extension support has been added to let you create or access protected items.

Dropbox_1 Dropbox_2 Dropbox_3

Flickr_iconFlickr (Free)

Yahoo’s Flickr photo-sharing app has received a massive update in v4.0. The latest update now lets you auto-upload your camera roll to Flickr’s free 1TB of cloud storage. The app has also received a facelift, and now resembles the iPhone’s native camera roll. In addition, the app gets a new timeline view with improved browsing, organisation and sharing. Flickr 4.0 also brings new photo filters and a share to Instagram option.

Flickr_1 Flickr_2 Flickr_3

Sherish_iconSherish (Free)

Sherish is a new subscription-based app that gives you unlimited cloud storage for your photos. It is present across mobile, desktop and the web, and lets you back up photos or import them from existing accounts. You can also add voice clips to photos for a personal commentary. The app is focussed on privacy and is devoid of any advertising. You can share your photos from Sherish to other social networks, or choose to keep them private. You can also invite friends and family to private shared albums, and they’ll receive notifications whenever you add a new photo.

Sherish_1 Sherish_2 Sherish_3


Angry Birds Fight_iconAngry Birds Fight! (Free)

Rovio’s Angry Birds Fight! is now available to iOS users in India. The player vs player game lets you challenge friends and online players in real match-three battles. You’ll need to race against the clock to match as many tiles as possible to prepare your bird for the fight. You’ll also get to don your feathered friends in weapons and armour, which come with health, power and special skills. By earning coins in fights, you’ll be able to purchase additional accessories. You can also play the lucky slots to win items.

Angry Birds Fight_1 Angry Birds Fight_2 Angry Birds Fight_3

Legend of Grimrock_iconLegend of Grimrock (Rs 300)

Popular PC dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock has now been ported to iOS. The game follows a group of prisoners exiled to Mount Grimrock, who seek ro escape by using the mountain’s hidden tunnel system. You’ll get to form a party of four customisable characters, guide them through the perilous passages and cast spells, craft potions and fight monsters in your way. The game features grid-based movement, with thousands of squares loaded with hidden switches, pressure plates, sliding walls, trapdoors, floating crystals and more.

Legend of Grimrock_1 Legend of Grimrock_2

Beast Quest_iconBeast Quest (Free)

Beast Quest is an open world action-adventure, where you play the hero tasked with freeing the beasts of Avantia who have been enchanted by an evil sorcerer. You’ll get to explore the massive land, complete quests and wage battles against the beasts. Along the way, you’ll get to collect lost treasures and artifacts, level-up and upgrade your equipment, uncover secrets and unlock achievements.

Beast Quest_1 Beast Quest_2

Cooped Up_iconCooped Up (Free)

In this arcade game, you have to fling a little blue bird up the screen, trying to cross as many platforms as you can. Every perch is guarded by a crazy bird, each with their own distinctive behaviours, and you’ll have to get past them to avoid getting caught, which ends the game. Along the way, you’ll also have to chomp down on as many delicious spiders, worms and flies as you can to build up your boost meter.

Cooped Up_1 Cooped Up_2 Cooped Up_3

Into the Circle_iconInto the Circle (Free)

Into the Circle is a physics-based game that features simple but challenging gameplay mechanics. You’ll need to shoot a ball from circle to circle, controlling your aim, trajectory and force to see how far you can survive. The game lets you compete against other players in worldwide leaderboards, earn bonuses and unlock different skins.

Into the Circle_1 Into the Circle_2 Into the Circle_3

App of the Week

Toca Nature (Free)

For the next one week, you can download the children’s game Toca Nature for free. Meant for children aged six to eight, players will be able to shape their nature reserve and watch it grow and develop. They’ll also be able to discover, feed and make friends with different animals.

Other notable games to check out this week are Grim Fandango Remastered, Kindo and Anodia 2.

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