Top iOS apps and games of the week #18

Get into the character of an angry art-hating bear, assemble your team of Marvel superheroes, and immerse yourself in a mini roguelike adventure in our selection of the top iOS games this week. And while you’re at it, try out the trio of new Instagram filters, a fun new photo mashup app for Facebook Messenger, and a loaded task manager.


Instagram_iconInstagram (Free)

Instagram has just received an update to v6.11.0, and has subsequently gained three new filters – Lark, Reyes and Juno. Additionally, the update lets you add emoji hashtags, and search and discover other similarly-tagged photos in the Explore section. The update also brings a few improvements to Instagram for Apple Watch, letting you browse your feed, like photos and leave emoji comments.

Instagram_1 Instagram_2 Instagram_3

MeisterTask_iconMeisterTask (Free)

MeisterTask is the companion app of task management web tool The app lets you create unlimited projects and invite others to collaborate on them. It provides notifications about new developments, and offers real-time communication for all your devices. It displays an activity stream, lets you comment on and like tasks, and lets you add checklists, due dates, descriptions and tags to tasks. You can also watch specific tasks to follow your team member’s progress.

MeisterTask_1 MeisterTask_2 MeisterTask_3

KitCut_iconKitCut (Free)

Facebook Messenger just received an update that enables you to make free video calls. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available in India yet, but you can check out the app KitCut in the meantime. Designed to work with Messenger, it lets you create funny mash-ups of photos and share them with friends. All you need to do is capture or select an existing photo, cut out your friends’ faces, paste them on funny images from the web or KitCut’s library, add doodles or text and share.

KitCut_1 KitCut_2 KitCut_3


MARVEL Future Fight_iconMARVEL Future Fight (Free)

In this epic action adventure from Marvel, you’ll get to unite the heroes from The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man to save the universe from an impending threat. The game lets you assemble your own team of superheroes as you wage war against super villains in stage-based battles. You’ll get to explore the Marvel universe, unlock exclusive content, costumes and rewards, and earn special boosts and bonuses. There’s a multiplayer mode where you can engage in 3vs3 battles with players from around the world, as well as an Ally System which lets you call on your friends for help against villains.

MARVEL Future Fight_1 MARVEL Future Fight_2

Microgue_iconMicrogue (Rs 60)

Microgue, as the name suggests, is a mini roguelike adventure. Featuring pixelated retro-style graphics and tile-based levels, your little character is tasked with climbing a dark tower with the objective of retrieving the treasure while escaping the guardian dragon’s wrath. The game lets you move two tiles at a time, either horizontally or vertically. You can collect treasure along the way, but you’ll also come into contact with traps and monsters, each with their distinct features. Getting killed means you’ll have to start over, but the game randomly generates environments so you’ll have a different experience each time you play.

Microgue_1 Microgue_2

Bears vs. Art_iconBears vs. Art (Free)

Rory the bear isn’t happy about the abstract art pieces filling his home, and it’s your job to help him find and destroy all of them in this fun new game. The paintings are protected by security measures like lasers, spikes and portals, and you’ll also have to look out for guests, guards and thieves. The game features 125 levels and timed challenges, collectible costumes that give you special abilities, events and a multiplayer mode.

Bears vs. Art_1 Bears vs. Art_2 Bears vs. Art_3

Stella's Journey_iconStella’s Journey (Rs 120)

A fairly tale adventure, in Stella’s Journey you’ll have to help a young girl who wakes up trapped in a mysterious world after reading a strange book. Playing as The Wind, you’ll have to help Stella get past deadly traps, enemies and various puzzles. The game features unique gameplay where elements are controlled by the wind, physics-based puzzles, handcrafted graphics and professional narration.

Stella's Journey_1 Stella's Journey_2

Jurassic World- The Game_iconJurassic World: The Game (Free)

In the official game of the upcoming Jurassic World movie, you’ll get the chance to construct and design a theme park featuring iconic buildings and landscapes from the film. You’ll also get to collect, hatch and evolve over 50 kinds of dinosaurs, and challenge opponents from around the world in battles. The game features characters from the film which you can interact with on missions and storylines. Other features include multiple card packs and daily rewards like coins, DNA and essential resources.  

Jurassic World- The Game_1 Jurassic World- The Game_2 Jurassic World- The Game_3

App of the Week

Mighty Switch Force! Hose It Down… (Free)

Apple has selected Mighty Switch Force! Hose It Down… as its free App of the Week. The puzzle game requires you to save a city from a raging fire by rearranging blocks so that the water spray can find its course.

Other interesting games to check out include Broken Age, Ys Chronicles 1 and VEGA Conflict.

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