Top iOS apps and games of the week #17

With the first shipments of the Apple Watch finally being dispatched around the world, hundreds of apps have now been updated with support for the new smartwatch. Meanwhile, we’ve scoured the App Store to bring you our weekly roundup of the top new and updated apps and games.


Hykoo_iconHykoo (Free)

Hykoo is an app that lets you create ‘video stories’ combined with text and share them with friends. It features an easy template which requires you to record three short video clips. You can then add comments, jokes, quotes and more to share news, events, memories and moments. Hykoos can be saved in drafts until you’re ready to post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hykoo_1 Hykoo_2 Hykoo_3

Hipstamatic DSPO_iconHipstamatic DSPO (Free)

The makers of Hipstamatic have launched a new group camera app called Hipstamatic DSPO. It lets you invite friends from your contact list, Facebook or the public by sharing a camera link on Twitter. To set up the group camera, you’ll need to select a timer ranging from an hour up to a year, and add a cover photo. People you’ve shared the link with can then shoot photos, add filters and text overlays, and chat with others in the group. Unlike other image-sharing apps, with Hipstamatic DSPO you can only see the shared photos once the timer runs out.

Hipstamatic DSPO_1 Hipstamatic DSPO_2 Hipstamatic DSPO_3

Gero Time Management_iconGero Time Management Companion (Free)

Ustwo, the makers of the popular game Monument Valley have launched a new time management app called Gero. Designed for the Apple Watch and iPhone, the app helps to boost your productivity by letting you enable timed ‘sprints’. Each sprint is typically 25 minutes in length, but you can customise this to your liking. The sprints are followed by a short break of a few minutes during which you’re meant to relax and stretch. You can choose the number of sprints you want in a row, or enable them manually. The app also provides non-intrusive sounds to notify you when a sprint begins or ends.

Gero Time Management_1 Gero Time Management_2 Gero Time Management_3

WhatsApp_iconWhatsApp (Free)

WhatsApp for iOS has received a very important update which brings the long overdue voice-calling feature that debuted on Android a few weeks ago. The update adds support for WhatsApp Calling, with the functionality rolling out to users in phases. It also adds a quick camera button in chats, enabling you to quickly capture a photo or video or share one from your camera roll. An iOS 8 extension has also been added, letting you to share photos, videos and links from other apps to WhatsApp. Other new features include the ability to edit contacts directly, send multiple videos at once, and crop and rotate videos before sending. 

WhatsApp_1 WhatsApp_2 WhatsApp_3


Does Not Commute_iconDoes Not Commute (Free)

Created by the makers of popular game Smash Hit, Does Not Commute is a strategic driving game with beautiful aesthetics and a dry sense of humour. Set in a small town in the 1970s, the game tasks you with mapping out a driving route for various vehicles. You’ll start out with mapping one route, but every subsequent vehicle you map a route for will also display your previous routes, so you’ll need to plan ahead to avoid clashes and collisions. As you progress in the game, it will also give you tidbits and secrets about the various characters that inhabit the town.

Does Not Commute_1 Does Not Commute_2

Sorcery! 3_iconSorcery! 3 (Rs 300)

The third instalment in the series, Sorcery! 3 is a gamebook-style open world adventure where you’ll get to make thousands of choices which will shape your adventure. You’re tasked with travelling through a dangerous land guarded by seven serpents, where you’ll have to either use your wit or fight to survive. The game lets you explore the world freely, and even use time beacons to traverse through the past, present or both. It features a total of 30 enemies, five gods, hand-drawn 3D maps, spells, magic and more. 

Sorcery! 3_1 Sorcery! 3_2 Sorcery! 3_3

Burn it Down_iconBurn it Down (Free)

Burn it Down is a black-and-white platformer where you have one hour to travel through a dangerous mansion to find your missing love. The game features simple controls where you can only move left or right to traverse the mansion. You can control the speed at which your character travels to help him jump over gaps and dangerous obstacles. The game features cryptic puzzles, scattered clues and messages, and shadow guides too.

Burn it Down_1 Burn it Down_2

Kayos_iconKayos (Rs 60)

Kayos is a challenging endless runner game set in a futuristic environment. You’ll have to control a gliding plane-like object as it progresses at high speeds through a landscape filled with obstacles of different shapes and sizes. The game features clean visuals and simple controls with real-time 3D physics. While the objective is to reach the highest score possible, each new run is randomly generated so you’re guaranteed a different experience each time you play. 

Kayos_1 Kayos_2

App of the Week

djay 2 (Free)

Free on the App Store all this week is popular app djay 2, which lets you turn your iPhone into a full-fledged djay system, complete with iTunes and Spotify integration.

Also check out Century City, Battle Odyssey and Pinball Sniper.

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