Top iOS apps and game of the week #16

Escape from a haunted asylum, battle it out in the Halo universe or just relax with coloured dots – our weekly roundup of the top iOS apps is sure to keep you entertained this weekend. Our favourite apps this week include a beautiful analogue black and white film photo editor, as well as an innovative app that lets you share your camera roll with your friends.   


BLACK_iconBLACK (Free)

BLACK is a photo editor that will give your images an analogue black and white photo film makeover. It features 10 filters accurately generated from iconic analogue films, which you can swipe between, choose and apply to your images. There are also a selection of pro tools such as curves, vignette and fade. Once done, you can save your images in full resolution and share them to social networks.


Roll_iconRoll (Free)

Roll is a useful new app that lets you share your camera roll with your friends and family. When you open the app, it automatically shows you any new photos on your camera roll. You can share a photo by simply swiping up, or keep it private by swiping down. Shared photos will automatically appear on your friend’s phones, and in turn, you’ll be able to view their shared images on the app.

Roll_1 Roll_2 Roll_3

Office 365 Video_iconOffice 365 Video (Free)

Office 365 Video is a new Microsoft app that lets companies upload and share videos with all their employees. The app lets admins create channels for different categories of videos. Once videos are uploaded, they can be streamed in different resolutions depending on the user’s connection speed. Videos can be recorded directly from the iPhone, and employees can use the app to browse categories and watch the most popular content.

Office 365 Video_1 Office 365 Video_2 Office 365 Video_3

Chhirp_iconChhirp (Free)

Vine may have popularised video-sharing on Twitter, but Chhirp is a new app that wants to let you share audio clips on the social network. You’ll need to sign in to your Twitter account to use the app. After this, you can record an audio clip up to 12 seconds in length, which can then be shared in the form of a tweet. Like a Vine video, a Chhirp plays on loop. You can browse popular clips from around the world, or those uploaded by your friends. 

Chhirp_1 Chhirp_2 Chhirp_3


Lost Within_iconLost Within (Rs 420)

Amazon Game Studio’s first game for iOS, Lost Within, is now available on the App Store. Set in a haunted asylum that’s been abandoned for 20 years, you’ll need to survive the creepy inhabitants that roam its halls. You can scavenge for or create makeshift weapons to defeat monsters, and use stealth techniques to sneak past them. In order to make your final escape, you’ll need to uncover the real mystery behind the asylum’s demise. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Lost Within_1 Lost Within_2

Hearthstone_iconHearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Free)

Popular free-to-play online collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is finally available for the iPhone. Released for Mac and the iPad last year, the game has been modified for the iPhone’s smaller screen. You’ll start out with a basic collection of cards, but you’ll be able to collect, purchase and craft hundreds more along the way. You’ll get to duel with online players, using your cards to unleash spells, summon creatures and call on heroes. You can challenge players of different skill levels, or hone your skills in practice sessions. The game is linked to your account, so you can seamlessly switch between devices without losing your progress.

Hearthstone_1 Hearthstone_2

Halo Spartan Bundle_iconHalo: Spartan Bundle (Rs 620)

Microsoft has released a new Halo game bundle for iOS. The bundle includes Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike. In the former you’ll play a Spartan soldier during the first missions of the Spartan Ops program. The game is set between the events of Halo 3 and Halo 4 and includes over 30 missions. In the latter, you’ll play a Spartan super soldier battling evil during the events of Halo 2. This game also has 30 missions, which will see you travel between different lands, use a range of weapons and iconic vehicles like the Warthog to battle against the Covenant and Promethean armies.

Halo Spartan Bundle_1 Halo Spartan Bundle_2

ZenDots_iconZenDots (Free)

ZenDots is a relaxing puzzle game with Brick Breaker-inspired game mechanics. In the game, you’ll need to launch a white dot off flippers at the bottom of the screen, attempting to dislodge all the coloured dots layered at the top. When you succeed in removing all the coloured dots without losing the white dot, the level is cleared. The game features an unlimited number of levels, each filled with colours designed to help you de-stress.

ZenDots_3 ZenDots_2 ZenDots_1

Arcane Tower_iconArcane Tower (Rs 120)

A new roguelike strategy adventure, in Arcane Tower you’ll play a wizard who makes it his mission to rid the kingdom of evil and darkness. The tower features several floors, and each floor consists of square tiles. Some tiles are free passages, others are walls, and a few are power-ups. There are various enemies scattered through each level, and you’ll have to use your magical runes to attack them. The game also has Daily Challenges where you can compete in leaderboards, and even watch replays of top players.

Arcane Tower_1 Arcane Tower_2 Arcane Tower_3

App of the Week

Pursuit of Light (Free)

This week’s App Store freebie is Pursuit of Light, an action adventure game where you’ll have to guide a little girl trapped in a dream world, helping her to find the light and make her escape.

Also check out Captain Rocket, Bit Journey and Caves n’ Chasms.

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