Top iOS apps and games of the week #15

This week, Apple rolled out major updates to iOS and OS X Yosemite. iOS 8.3 squashed several bugs, in addition to adding a redesigned Emoji keyboard with 300 new characters. The Yosemite 10.10.3 update brought the long-awaited Photos app, along with the new Emoji keyboard and other improvements. It was an equally busy week for the App Store, with updates to several popular apps, as well as a bunch of new game launches. Here’s our roundup of the top iOS apps and games of the week.


IPL 2015_iconIPL 2015 (Free)

With IPL underway, the official app for the tournament has been updated for 2015. It features live ball-by-ball commentary, live video streaming and highlights, breaking news, features and exclusive reports. You’ll also get to view fixtures, results and match reports at a glance. Additionally, the app provides details of Team India’s international tours, the Champions League Twenty20 and domestic cricket.

IPL 2015_1 IPL 2015_2 IPL 2015_3

Snapseed_iconSnapseed (Free)

Snapseed is one of the most popular image-editing apps, and now it’s been updated with several new features in version 2.0. The biggest addition to the app is Stacks, which lets you view a list of filters applied to an image. You can go back to your edits and delete or edit filters, and even copy them to apply to another image. The update also adds five new filters including Lens Blur, Tonal Contrast and Glow. A new Brush tool lets you apply edits to sections of an image, while Spot Repair lets you make detailed retouches.

Snapseed_1 Snapseed_2 Snapseed_3

Saavn_iconSaavn (Free)

One of India’s most widely-used music streaming services, Saavn has added a major new feature to its app called Saavn Social. It lets you share tracks with Facebook friends and chat within the app, complete with emojis. You can also find and follow friends to see what they’re listening to, follow favourite artists to get updated when new songs are available, and even follow playlists to be notified when new content is added. Additionally, the update has improved search, and addressed a number of bugs. 

Saavn_1 Saavn_2 Saavn_3

Taplet_iconTaplet (Free)

Taplet is a useful little app that lets you pull high-def photos out of your videos. You can upload any type of video to the app, or record them using its inbuilt video tool. You can then extract unlimited photos, retouch and enhance them, and save them in full resolution. Images can then be shared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Taplet_1 Taplet_2 Taplet_3


Spirit Lords_iconSpirit Lords (Free)

Spirit Lords is an epic RPG where you’re the key to the survival of the last human city. You’ll need to collect the long-forgotten Spirits of the dead, uncover the secrets of the past and become the first Spirit Lord in 1,000 years. Each Spirit has their own unique powers, and you’ll get to use them in the battle against evil. You can choose between being a Barbarian or Sorcerer, customise your hero and equip it with armour and magical weapons. You’ll also get to unlock over 200 combat abilities by upgrading your Spirit powers, collect lost treasure, and engage in four-player co-op action. 

Spirit Lords_1 Spirit Lords_2


In MORTAL KOMBAT X, you’ll need to assemble a team of legendary warriors like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya and more, and lead them in 3vs3 battles to earn experience, unlock special attacks and collect powerful artefacts. The multiplayer mode lets you compete with other players in Faction Wars, where you’ll get to earn weekly prizes. You’ll also get to use other players as your allies to defeat difficult enemies. Playing the mobile game will let you unlock rewards in the console version, and vice-versa.


Naught Reawakening_iconNaught Reawakening (Rs 250)

In this adventure platformer, you’ll guide the character Naught through an underground world where darkness is his greatest enemy. Naught can modify his movements according to his surroundings, holding on to walls, changing his way of walking depending on gravity, and pushing objects in a unique way. You’ll also have to help him solve puzzles, avoid stalking creatures and fend off monsters. The game features 30 levels including three bonus levels, and time trials for each level.

Naught Reawakening_1 Naught Reawakening_2

Dragon Hills_iconDragon Hills (Rs 120)

In Dragon Hills, you’re in control of one very furious princess as she embarks on her mission of revenge atop a dangerous dragon. You’ll guide the dragon down hills and underground, destroying everything in your path and chasing down knights. The game features upgradable weapons and armour, as well as unlockable power-ups. It offers simple one-touch controls and Game Center integration.

Dragon Hills_1 Dragon Hills_2

App of the Week

Twisty Hollow (Free)

Twisty Hollow is free to download all this week as part of Apple’s App of the Week promotion. In the game, you’ll need to fulfil the eccentric needs of the Twisty Hollow townsfolk by mixing and matching resources to dish out items like burgers, sweaters, houses and more.

 Also check out SBACEBALL, Devious Dungeons 2 and Tiltagon.

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