Top iOS apps and games of the week #14

A collaborative-video app from Facebook, a handy scanning app from Microsoft and a new Adobe addition make it to our list of top apps this week. On the gaming front we have two unique dungeon crawlers and an ethereal space-inspired puzzle game. Read on for our roundup of the best new iOS apps and games this week.


Riff_iconRiff (Free)

Facebook has launched a new collaborative video app called Riff. It lets you create a video (up to 20 seconds in length), add tags and share it, after which your Facebook friends can add their own clips to it. You can browse other Riffs in the app, and even watch featured videos from around the world. You can also choose to share your Riffs on Facebook, although your friends will need to have the app installed to contribute.

Riff_1 Riff_2 Riff_3

Office Lens_iconOffice Lens (Free)

Office Lens is a new scanning app created by Microsoft. You can use the app to snap images of whiteboards, blackboards, documents, visiting cards and more, after which the images can be saved as Word, Powerpoint or PDF. The Whiteboard mode trims the edges and reduces glare, while the Document mode retains colours. The app can recognise text, letting you search for words in images, copy and edit them later. Your files can then be saved to OneNote, OneDrive and other cloud storage services. 

Office Lens_1 Office Lens_2 Office Lens_3

Infinit_iconInfinit (Free)

Infinit is a P2P service that makes it easy to transfer files, photos and videos between iOS, Android and desktops. What’s great about the app is that there’s no limit to the file size that can be transferred. All you need to do is select a contact (who must have the app installed), choose files or a folder and hit the transfer button. The app then transfers the files, and notifies recipients who can then choose to accept it.

Infinit_1 Infinit_2 Infinit_3

Snaplight_iconSnaplight (Rs 60)

Snaplight is a useful little app that lets you share quotes or text from printed books, magazines and documents. Once you’ve snapped a photo of the page you want to share, you’ll be able to highlight lines and save or share it. The app features automatic line-height detection, but you can also adjust this manually. Images can be cropped, rotated and resized, and shared to social networks, email, and more. The app also lets you import old images from your camera roll to highlight them.

Snaplight_1 Snaplight_2 Snaplight_3

Adobe Slate_iconAdobe Slate (Free)

Adobe Slate is a new app for the iPad that lets you turn your presentations, newsletters, reports and more into beautiful magazine-style stories. All you need to do is talk or type to add text, choose images, pick a layout style and the app does the rest. There are a variety of layouts available, and you can also customise colours, fonts and motion for the ones you choose. You can add call-to-action buttons within your story, share it via Facebook, Twitter, emails and messages, or embed it in your website.

Adobe Slate_2 Adobe Slate_3


Last Voyage_iconLast Voyage (Rs 60)

Last Voyage is a beautiful new space-inspired puzzle. The game features five chapters, each with their unique game mechanics, visuals and concepts. Each chapter consists of several smaller puzzles, and you’ll need to solve them in a linear fashion to progress. The game features simple controls, cinematic visuals and an original soundtrack.

Last Voyage_1 Last Voyage_2 Last Voyage_3

The Quest Keeper_iconThe Quest Keeper (Free)

The Quest Keeper is a dungeon-crawler with Crossy Road-inspired game mechanics. In the game, you’ll need to guide a little peasant as far across a treacherous dungeon as possible, dodging dangers like spikes, knives, skeletons, lasers and saws, while collecting rare coins and artefacts. The game features 10 quests, several collectible upgrades and items, and Game Center leaderboards. 

The Quest Keeper_1 The Quest Keeper_2

Detective Byomkesh Bakshi_iconDetective Byomkesh Bakshi (Free)

The official game of the movie, in Detective Byomkesh Bakshi you’ll play the partner of the Indian sleuth, helping him find clues and unearth hidden objects. Set in 1940’s Calcutta, the game features 10 case stories, ranging from petty crimes to master plans that put the country at risk. There’s also a challenging mini game on offer.

Detective Byomkesh Bakshi_1 Detective Byomkesh Bakshi_2

Attack the Light_iconAttack the Light (Rs 190)

Based on the animated series Steven Universe, in Attack the Light you play as Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst and Steven as you explore caves, collect treasure, fight enemies and progress through levels. Each character has their unique attacks and upgrades, and you can also fill up Steven’s backpack with magical items that can be used to unleash attacks. The game features simple tap and swipe controls and voiceovers from the actors in the series.

Attack the Light_1 Attack the Light_2

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons_iconTiny Dangerous Dungeons (Rs 60)

A Gameboy-inspired dungeon crawler, Tiny Dangerous Dungeons features retro-style pixelated monochrome graphics. In the game, you’ll guide the little treasure hunter Timmy as he explores a dangerous dungeon, collecting power-ups, loot and skills. You’ll also need to solve puzzles, defeat monsters and find hidden abilities to open new passages.

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons 2 Tiny Dangerous Dungeons_1

App of the Week

Back to Bed (Free)

Free all this week is the ethereal MC Escher-inspired puzzle adventure Back to Bed. The game requires you to guide the sleepwalker Bob back to the safety of his bed, while dodging dangerous objects in his path.

Also check out A Day in the Woods, Corridor Z and Boom Dots.

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