Top iOS apps and games of the week #11

Headlining our top apps this week is Nokia’s HERE maps, along with Google’s official Calendar app and gorgeous photo editor Enlight. Our selection of games includes a new addition from the Angry Birds series, the latest instalment to Dungeon Hunter and the iOS port of Paper Monsters Recut.


HERE_iconHERE (Free)

Nokia’s HERE maps, which was launched on the App Store a while ago and subsequently pulled down has now been re-released for iOS. The USP of the app is its offline navigation service, which allows you to download maps for over 100 countries. The app also provides voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, public transport maps and schedules, a route planner and real-time traffic and incident information for over 40 countries.


Enlight_iconEnlight (Rs 250)

Enlight is a gorgeous new photo-editor that offers several options for both casual and serious photographers.  It features a selection of vintage filters, black and white editing tools and various effects. You’ll get to write or doodle over your images, add borders and frames, create montages and even overlay two photos to get a double exposure effect. The app also features an array of photo correction and power tools, the ability to auto-save your work, and social media integration.

Enlight_1 Enlight_2 Enlight_3

Google Calendar_iconGoogle Calendar (Free)

Google has finally released its official Calendar app for the iPhone. The app lets you view your schedule, complete with photos and maps of the places you’re going to. It also automatically adds events from Gmail, such as flights, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and more. Additionally, it offers suggestions for event titles, lets you view your schedule for single or multiple days, and works with Exchange and iCloud.

Google Calendar_1 Google Calendar_2 Google Calendar_3

OftenType_iconOftenType (Rs 60)

A useful new keyboard, OftenType lets you create quick keys for frequently-typed information, such as your name, address and other details. It shows up as an additional keypad on top of the native iOS 8 keyboard. You can customise the icons and titles of quick keys, and add additional extensions which store up to four snippets of text in a single key.

OftenType_1 OftenType_2 OftenType_3


Angry Birds Stella POP_iconAngry Birds Stella POP! (Free)

Angry Birds Stella POP! combines Rovio’s popular bird-slinging mechanics with bubble popping. In the game, you’ll need to match and pop like-coloured bubbles to save the creatures and stop the evil green piggies. Winning six matches in a row will get you Special Pops, which is are super powered bubbles. You’ll also get to unlock boosts, explore Golden Island, challenge your friends and solve puzzles.  

Angry Birds Stella POP_1 Angry Birds Stella POP_2 Angry Birds Stella POP_3

Paper Monsters Recut_iconPaper Monsters Recut (Rs 300)

Paper Monsters Recut, the popular Wii U platformer, is now available for iOS. The game features a gorgeous paper and cardboard world which you’ll get to explore, progressing from one level to the next. Along the way, you’ll get to discover secrets, unlock power ups like jetpacks, submarines and lasers, and find special treasures that will get you bonuses and mini-games. The game features three save slots and supports MFi controllers.

Paper Monsters Recut_1 Paper Monsters Recut_2

Card Crawl_iconCard Crawl (Rs 120)

A solitaire-style dungeon crawler, in Card Crawl you’ll need to clear your dungeon of 54 cards by slaying monsters, managing your inventory and using item cards. You’ll also be able to collect gold to unlock 15 ability cards to gain unique skills. There are two game modes on offer – Normal and Constructed, and each game typically lasts two to three minutes, ideal for when you have some time to kill.

Card Crawl_1 Card Crawl_2 Card Crawl_3

Dungeon Hunter 5_iconDungeon Hunter 5 (Free)

The fifth instalment of Gameloft’s hack n’ slash Dungeon Hunter series is now available on the App Store. In the single player campaign, you’ll journey through five realms and several dungeons, as you seek revenge for your forsaken and strive to become the best bounty hunter in the land. There’s also co-operative gameplay where you’ll get to use your friends as allies on your quest, as well as asynchronous multiplayer, where you’ll need to secure your stronghold with creatures and defend it, while raiding other player’s strongholds to capture loot. Additionally, there are daily and weekly challenges you can participate in.

Dungeon Hunter 5_1 Dungeon Hunter 5_2

Stick Cricket 2_iconStick Cricket 2 (Free)

The popular Stick Cricket is back in this second instalment. In the game, you’ll get to launch your career from humble beginnings, represent your country and travel the world, play classic shots like the Scoop, Ramp, Switch Hit and Helicopter, and complete a total of 90 levels. You’ll also be able to unlock and upgrade your gear, and distract bowlers by wearing one of ten outfits.

Stick Cricket 2_1 Stick Cricket 2_2 Stick Cricket 2_3

App of the Week

8bit Doves (Free)

The Gameboy pixel-art style 8bit Doves has been selected as this week’s free App of the Week. Trapped in a virtual reality world controlled by a handheld device, you’ll need help from the doves to exit each level. The game features two-button gameplay and was recently optimised for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Other interesting new apps that were launched this week include Sid Meier’s Starships, Proto Raider and Blokshot Revolution.

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