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Don’t Swipe
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Photo apps continue to dominate the App Store this week, and we’ve got some unusual ones lined up. Apart from a big Flickr update, we’ve got apps that let you superimpose images, create your own ‘tiny planet’ videos and protect your private photos. In the games department, stealthy assassin Agent 47 sneaks into your iOS device in Hitman GO, while the World of Warcraft card-based game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft makes its iPad debut.

Don't Swipe_iconDon’t Swipe (Rs 60)

Ever wanted to hide a particular photo or prevent snoopy friends from looking through your Camera Roll? Don’t Swipe provides an easy fix. Designed to mimic the look and interface of the native iOS camera app, it lets you select images you want to show off with a simple swipe gesture. The app doesn’t feature any share or delete controls either, ensuring your embarrassing photos remain out of bounds.

Don't Swipe_1 Don't Swipe_2 Don't Swipe_3

Flickr_iconFlickr (Free)

Yahoo! has released a major update to its popular photo-sharing app Flickr. Version 3.0 brings a complete redesign, and makes it easier for users to take photos from within the app. Flickr now offers advanced editing tools and a wide choice of Instagram-like filters as well. Users can also capture up to 30 seconds of HD video with any of the live filters applied. In addition, the app now offers a new back-up feature, syncing photos from your Camera Roll to your Flickr account.

Flickr_3 Flickr_1 Flickr_2

Living Planet_iconLiving Planet (Rs 60)

Tiny planet photos can be mesmerising, turning regular images into stereographic snapshots that resemble little spheres. Living Planet is a cool new app that lets you create the same effect on videos in a matter of minutes. The app features 40 filters and a reverse Wormhole effect too. Living Planet also supports photos and lets you monitor video processing frame-by-frame. 

Living Planet_2 Living Planet_3 Living Planet_1

Union_4Union (Rs 120)

The creators of Fragment and Tangent have launched yet another unique photo-editing app. Union lets you combine images to create superimposed, silhouetted or double exposure pictures. You can pick a transparent layer, solid colour or image from the Camera Roll as the background. Over this, you’ll be able to apply an image or colour fill as the foreground. You’ll then be able to make adjustments with a choice of editing tools, and erase areas of the foreground to blend the images together. Final results can be shared via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email.

Union_1 Union_2 Union_3


Hearthstone_iconHearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Free)

Set in the World of Warcraft universe, the popular PC/Mac card-based game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now available for the iPad. You’ll be able to build card decks around any of the nine Warcraft character classes. You can choose to battle computer-controlled characters, other players or your friends, using your cards to cast spells and summon minions. The game syncs with your account, letting you switch between your tablet and PC with ease.

Hearthstone_1 Hearthstone_2

Hitman_iconHitman GO (Rs 300)

The Hitman franchise of popular console games makes its first appearance on the mobile platform inHitman GO. Featuring the notorious Agent 47, this turn-based puzzler will put your stealth skills to the test, letting you use disguises, distractions and hiding spots to remain unseen. Featuring unique diorama-style pieces and board-game inspired levels, you’ll guide the assassin around enemies and well-guarded locations to ultimately take out your target.

Hitman_2 Hitman_1

Isolani_iconIsolani (Free)

If you like shooting games, you might want to try Isolani. Set in an alien spaceship, this first-person shooter will have you punching bullets into robot guards. Uncovering the mystery behind what happens when the last star in the universe dies, the episode-based gameplay will unravel a dramatic story as you complete each level. You’ll also be able to collect weapons, play against friends and compete in global leaderboards.

Isolani_1 Isolani_2 

Unpossible_iconUnpossible (Rs 120)

Unpossible is an arcade-style game that will put your reflexes to the test. With a first-person perspective, you’ll guide a fast-moving machine along a futuristic track filled with obstacles. Using touch controls or tilt motions, you’ll have to steer the vehicle around each roadblock. There are three levels available, each in varying degrees of difficulty – Simplicity, Futile and Ultra. The game also supports MFi (Made for iOS) controllers.

Unpossible_1 Unpossible_2

While you’re at it, also check out Rogue Heroes and Icarush.

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