Top camera apps for Windows Phone

“Here’s a bunch of must-have camera apps for your Windows Phone”

They say that the best camera is the one that’s in your pocket. However, feature-rich photography apps which let you tweak the minor details can completely overhaul the pictures you take with the default camera app on your phone. Just in case you carry a Windows Phone in your pocket, here’s our pick of the top camera apps for WP8.1.

Camera-360-SightCamera360 Sight (Free)

If pictures clicked in auto mode don’t do the trick for you, one app you should absolutely check out is Camera360 Sight. From the developers of Camera360, this app has been exclusively designed for Windows Phone users. The shooting plus editing app provides features like manual focus, micro-focussing and exposure control, and real-time filter application. Sight also provides an option to frame the pictures in seven different ways. Most of the controls are gesture activated, making the app more intuitive. Adding to the ‘exclusively for Windows Phone’ aspect, is integration of Microsoft’s Cortana with the app. This lets you launch the app and switch to the front camera with a simple voice command – “Take a selfie”. Camera360 Sight is a great option for those of you who like to play around with different settings to create photos instead of just capturing them. 

Camera360 Sight4 Camera360 Sight5 Camera360 Sight6 


ProShot (Rs 189)

If you are used to snapping with DSLRs, ProShot is an app capable of recreating a similar experience on your Windows Phone device. Unlike Camera360 Sight which provides a ton of editing options, ProShot is more inclined towards shooting and provides immense control over the camera settings. The app offers as many as six camera modes. While the Auto mode makes decisions for the camera according to the lighting conditions, the Program modes give you control over the ISO, exposure, white balance and flash settings. A mode called Manual adds control over shutter speed along with other settings. Out of the remaining three, one mode is called HDR, which is self explanatory, while the other two are custom modes which you can adjust and save as presets. The app also lets the user choose the frame rate at which they wish to capture the shot.

ProShot1 ProShot2  

HDR-Photo-CameraHDR Photo Camera (Rs 159)

 HDR Photo Camera is one of the best HDR imaging apps available on the Windows Phone Store. The app captures a framed image at three different exposure levels and fuses them to create one image. Since HDR images are very likely to get blurred, the app comes with a tone mapping algorithm to shoot HDR pictures for objects in motion. There are filters like Classic HDR, Bright HDR and Enhanced HDR to play around with. With HDR Photo Camera on your Windows Phone, you can be sure of getting great HDR shots whenever you want.

HDR-Photo-Camera1  HDR-Photo-Camera3 

PanoPano (Rs 189)

 Panoramic shots become absolutely necessary when you’re standing in the middle of a vast scenic view, too big to be photographed in a single frame, yet too beautiful to just let go. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything in situations like that, Pano lets you stitch up to 16 images resulting in a gigantic panorama. The app comes with a user-friendly interface with three on-screen controls. After clicking the first image, just like any other panorama app, Pano prompts you to move your phone towards the right, while providing a faint image of the previously click picture on the left side of your screen to help make alignment easier. The app, in most cases, succeeds in eliminating the appearance of stitch lines. With as many as 16 frames, Pano can create 360-degree panoramic images as well. The app saves all the pictures directly to your Pictures Hub.

Pano1 Pano2 

BlinkBlink (Free)

If you always seek that one perfect shot where each element in the shot is in just the right position, Microsoft’s Blink is the app for you. The app comes with a unique feature where it starts shooting before the actual picture is taken, and keeps shooting even after that, thus creating a series of consecutive images which you can either save as an animation or pick the best image of the lot and save it as a still. Blink gives you controls over basic settings like exposure, white balance and ISO, while providing six different scene modes to shoot in. The Blink animations are saved in a separate gallery called My Blinks, from where you can edit or share the Blink.

Blink1 Blink2 

DualShotDualShot (Free)

 DualShot adds another dimension to your selfies by adding your whatever’s in front of you to the picture as well. Not only does the app create images that are fun, it also enables you to capture your moment literally completely by making use of both the cameras on your phone. The interface of the app is rather simple and fast as well. Once you’re done capturing, the app lets you fashion your images with a set of filters it offers. The pictures can be directly shared on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

DualShot1 DualShot2 DualShot3

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