Top Announcements Expected from Apple WWDC 2011

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011 is the big summer event held at San Francisco. Apple showcases the latest advancements in the iOS and Mac OS X. No wonder if Apple introduces the much awaited Apple iPhone 5 during the event days June 6th to 10th. wwdc-2011 Unlike the previous years, Apple already made a press release on what to expect at WWDC with updates and releases. This list includes the Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud. Whereas, Mac OS X Lion is said to released on June 14th. Apple iCloud is the music library to stream the music to the iOS devices. This will be based on the time machines backups just like a cloud computing. Users can upload their photos, videos, music and synchronize with iOS whenever and wherever they require. Apparently, iOS 5 is expected to bring more advancements including the integrated twitter. This app gives a way to users to upload the photos to their profile directly from the device. Apple iOS 5 also likely to bring the location based services which could compete with FourSquare services. Though experts speculate much about the WWDC 2011 releases, Apple ever keeps secretive about its releases and surprises the spectators. Let us see how it works this time.

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