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As we’re drawing closer to the end of the year 2013, it’s time to look back at what have been a momentous year for Google’s Play Store. From crossing count of more than 1 billion apps and games to equalling the record of Apple’s App Store with cumulative 50 billion downloads to undergoing several redesigns and offering new features. But all this have been possible due to entry of several new apps and games in the store and this week is no exception. So without any further ado, let’s dive down into the last edition of apps of the week in the year 2013.

BookMyShowBookMyShow (Free)

BookMyShow is one of the most popular solution booking movie tickets online from the comfort of computer or a mobile device. With this update, the app has completely revamped its interface and also offer some useful functionalities. The ‘QuikPay’ feature allows the user to book tickets in a jiffy by already saving their card details. Users will also be able to see booking history of the tickets purchased through their account.

BookMyShow 1BookMyShow 2BookMyShow 3

The app also allows the user to share the ticket details with their friends.

Calendar StatusCalendar Status (Free)

No matter how much one tries to stay productive and always on time for their appointments by punching all of them in the calendar, many a times one even forgets to check the calendar or ignores the reminder. Calendar Status solves this tendency by bringing the calendar right at the place where one can’t ignore it – notification bar. The app also allows several customizations including not just visual features but also setting number of events to be shown, their order and much more.

Calendar Status 1Calendar Status 2Calendar Status 3

The paid version of the Calendar Status offers more options such as coloured bullet points, expanded notifications, etc.

MeetupMeetup (Free)

Want to meet people who share same interests as of you? From book reading clubs to hiker’s gathering to programmer’s meet, Meetup has become a one-stop place to see meetups in one’s area or even organize one themselves. The latest update to the app brings it a new interface along with easier way to find new meetups. It also offers an Activity tab which shows when the meetups are happening along with who all are attending them.

Meetup 1Meetup 2Meetup 3

SnapchatSnapchat (Free)

2013 has been a great year for ephemeral messaging apps with Snapchat leading the popularity charts. The USP of the app lies in the fact that unlike other messaging apps, each photo/ video sent remains with the other user for 10 seconds only. With the new update, the app allows overlaying the images with extra information such as time, temperature and speed. Users can also use filters like Sepia, Black & White, and Vintage on the photos by enabling it at Settings > Additonal Services > Manage.

Snapchat 1Snapchat 2Snapchat 3

Although the message doesn’t remains more than 10 seconds, a new feature allow the users to replay their most recent photo/ video within 24 hours.

TranslateTranslate (Free)

Though there are services like Google Translate to help the user understand a different language, they aren’t completely reliable. The Translate app is powered by offering translation for more than 75 different languages. Not only written or spoken text, the app can also translate photographs. The best part is that it has community translate option which allows the user to get accurate translation support from other users.

Translate 1Translate 2

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