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Focal (Beta)
Wisden India Cricket
Light Flow

One big thing which always works in favor of Android when compared to iOS, is its customization capability. This becomes apparent when we consider our Apps of the Week section this time. We’re having a mix of Customization apps especially widgets or apps which replace the core functionality amongst many others-

ChronusChronus (Free)

If you want to spruce the barren lock screen in your smartphones, then you’ll surely love the Chronus widget. It was earlier called as the cLock and comes from the popular CyanogenMod, which was earlier only available to the rooted users with the ROM. The widget shows the details about the time, weather and calendar. The widget has several customization options like fonts, colors, etc.

Chronus 1Chronus 2

The widget supports home screen for Android 4.1 and above, both home home screen and lock screen for Android 4.2 and later.

FindItFindIt (Free)

Our smartphones are becoming more and more like a computer, which means they’ve all kinds of documents, emails, files, and more. But, sometimes we’re not able to remember where we’ve kept them and at that point, we feel the lack of searching ability in the smartphones. Worry not, we bring to you an app which integrates very well with Gmail, Dropbox, etc. and help you find exactly what you’re looking for via filters like Person, Time and Type.

FindIt 1FindIt 2FindIt 3

The app allows for 30 free email or file previous every month. For getting unlimited searching in a year, you simply need to refer the app to 5 friends.

Focal (Beta)Focal (Free)

This one is another app which comes from the CyanogenMod’s team. As the name suggests, the app is a nice replacement to stock camera app available in our Android devices. It has several features, which were earlier only available in customized apps from certain device manufacturers. Some of the interesting features are Burst Mode, Shutter Speed, Picture enhancement, etc. It also supports swiping gestures to initiate various actions and also allows to take an image by double tapping anywhere on the screen.

Focal (Beta) 1Focal (Beta) 2Focal (Beta) 3

However, keep in mind that currently the app is in Beta and there might be some bugs or crashes.

MovesMoves (Free)

Do you feel that you need to take care of your health and start doing something to regain your fitness? The Moves app remains in your smartphone and can automatically track your daily activities like Walking, Cycling and Running. It also saves your daily visits and even show them on map. The best part is its pedometer functionality which counts your step and you can also set your daily goal for the same. The app has been optimized for minimal battery usage.

Moves 1Moves 2Moves 3

Unfortunately, the doesn’t supports all the smartphones since they might not allow running of accelerometer sensor in the background.


Today (Rs. 98.83)

This is another widget which sits very nicely on the lock screen and/or the home screen to give us detailed calendar. The widget can connect with your Google Calendar and showcase all the calendar information- Friend’s Birthdays, Appointments, etc. right at the screen. It can be completely customized when it comes to its look with option to choose the widget size, background (between dark or light them), font, and more.

Today 1Today 2

Wisden India CricketWisden India Cricket (Free)

We are a cricket-crazy nation and there are all sorts of ways to satiate our craze. There are bunch of apps available for our smartphones and aiming to provide us with the latest match details, results, etc. What makes this app different is clear with its all 5 stars rating due to its minimal and beautiful interface. Apart from scorecards with live commentary, the app also has editorial sections as well as audip podcasts from several cricket experts.

Wisden India Cricket 1Wisden India Cricket 2Wisden India Cricket 3

So go ahead and check who’s winning today’s match (if there’s any!).

Updated App(s)

FacebookFacebook (Free)

This one is great feature for those who are prone to frequent typos. Close on the heels of ability to edit comments, Facebook recently added the capability of editing both status and comments on web as well as Android devices. For editing the post simply click on the downwards arrow on the right side of the particular post and select ‘Edit Post’ option. Other additions include seeing upcoming events, create or share photo albums, etc.

Facebook 1Facebook 2Facebook 3

HangoutsHangouts (Free)

In a bid to unify its messaging apps, Google launched Hangouts at Google I/O this year. So, it’s continually updating the app to make it better. Now its easier to find the contacts who’re online and who can actually be talked to (represented by Green and Gray icons). Starting a new hangout with anyone is easier as the contacts are categorized as: People you Hangout with, Suggested People, and Other Contacts. It also supports pinch-to-zoom for zooming into the photos.

Hangouts 1Hangouts 2

Light Flow

Light Flow (Rs. 150.00)

LED notification light in our Android devices is very useful for notification about missed calls, messages, emails, WhatsApp chats and all the more. However the LED only lits in one color and thus we aren’t even sure if it needs our attention. Light Flow is really nice app to tweak this notification color for all the apps. The update has added several new apps for the same such as Google Keep, BBM (yet to be launched officially), etc. 

Light Flow 1Light Flow 2Light Flow 3

However, not all devices support all the notification colors for the LED. The app also comes in Lite version with very limited functionality. (Free)

All of us who use Internet would surely have heard of giving us an idea whether the internet is speedy enough or not. The Android app offered the same functionality, but with the update, it has donned a completely new avatar. It’s very visually pleasing and offers the ability to see the speed in just one click. We can also compare the speed with other 3

This is ad-supported version and for removing ads, one can make an in-app purchase for $0.99.

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