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Autodesk FormIt
Auri Voice Companion
Twitter Beta

Android has myriad of apps in the Play Store and to avoid getting lost into this vast app world we end up using the most popular ones often ignoring the better ones. Worry not! Coz we’re here to lead your way through the endless ocean of apps. Apps of the Week is our effort to bring newly released or updated apps to you.This week’s the apps are a healthy mix of communication, utility and more-

Autodesk FormIt

Autodesk FormIt (Free)

Ideas can come anywhere be it when you’re sitting in the comfort of your office or walking on the road or even travelling somewhere. But, the problem arises when idea is more than a text or basic image that can easily be scribbled on a piece of paper or mobile. Autodesk FormIt aims to help the engineers and builders who want to design 3D shapes and forms of all sizes. The app has a simple interface providing ready to use shapes or extruding forms from lines and allows user to make full use of pinch and zoom functionality offered by today’s touchscreens. The app also synchronizes with Autodesk 360 cloud service.

Autodesk FormIt 1Autodesk FormIt 2

The app is intended for certain set of users and probably may not be of much use to anyone else.

Auri Voice Companion

Auri Voice Companion (Free)

Auri is a Text to Speech app developed to read out Reddit and RSS feeds. So, instead of finding time to read reams of content available on Reddit or on your favorite websites, the app gives you flexibility to listen to it while driving or doing other tasks. The interface of the app is very clean and beautiful. It also has a voice controlled Trivia Game allowing you to have hands-free enjoyment.

Auri Voice Companion 1Auri Voice Companion 2Auri Voice Companion 3

Though currently the app has limited usage having options for Reddit and RSS only, developers have promised to bring support of this feature to several other things.


Chirp (Free)

How many ways do you know for sharing content between mobile phones? Emailing, Bluetooth, NFC beaming or Bumping.. But isn’t that boring and what everyone else also does that for sharing the content. Chirp gives a new meaning to transferring images, webpage, note, etc. via a ‘song’. This song is picked up other user(s) having Chirp app to get that content. The process is very simple and as you can guess extreme Fun.

Chirp 1Chirp 2Chirp 3

The app will work smoothly only on the devices having 1 GHz dual-core processor or above.


Simplenote (Free)

When it comes to note-taking apps, we have no dearth of choices right from ubiquitous Evernote to Google’s Keep. But, if those apps fail to impress you, then try Simplenote which comes from the makers of WordPress. The app has all the usual features of a note-taking app such as website, check list, cross-platform availability, tags and sync. The app doesn’t even require you to have a user account at the start, however for using the sync functionality, the account would be required.

Simplenote 1Simplenote 2Simplenote 3

The app works wonderfully across smartphones or tablets.

Updated App(s)


Hike (Free)

Although a latecomer to the club of Instant Messaging apps, Indian app Hike offers all the IM features with several additions to please Indians. Now, the app is sporting a new look which matches the Holo interface of Android JellyBean. It has also added support for stickers along with Indian emoticons and Hindi language support. It also makes use of expanded notifications feature for notification drawer offered in Android 4.2. Taking cues from social networks, app also provides a user profile where they can add status updates as well.

Hike 1Hike 2Hike 3


Twitter Beta (Free)

Last week we covered Facebook’s Beta app, and today we have Twitter’s Beta app with slew of features and if they work well, they will make their way to the original app. The Beta app is sporting a complete new interface with seven menus comprising of Home, notifications, messages, profile, Activity, Trending and finding new people. Users can simply swipe between them switch easily. There is also a left-hand side navigation panel which allows for quick access to the menus. It also allows reordering of the tabs.

Twitter 1Twitter 2Twitter 3

Interested to test this version before the whole world gets it? Head to Twitter Beta for Android group and and join the program.

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