Top Android Apps of the Week #35

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Digg Reader

Rise of Android has also resulted in the growth of Indian manufacturers which are now head to head with global giants like Samsung and Apple as per latest IDC report. And, the best part about an Android smartphone is that the software experience along with the apps remains the same from low end to high-end devices (except few features depending upon hardware and custom skin by manufacturers). Let’s dive into the apps of the week comprising of RSS readers, social networks and more-

Digg Reader

Digg Reader (Free)

Digg Reader surfaced when Google announced the shut down of its Reader service. While it’s pretty barebones, we really like its minimalistic interface and all it was missing was a good Android app–up until now. The app brings the same simple interface to the Android smartphones giving the access to all the items one follows on RSS categorized neatly in folders. Users can digg the stories, save them to Pocket, Instapaper or Readability for reading later or share them with friends via social networks.

Digg Reader 1 Digg Reader 2 Digg Reader 3

This is the first release of Android app and company has promised to bring more functionalities to it in the next updates.


Filmy Ratings (Free)

We Indians are big movie buffs, but how do we zero in to which movie to watch? Most of the times its either by checking IMDB Ratings (popular portal which averages the user’s and critics score for a movie) or reading reviews from various sources. But, this app makes it extremely simple to find the movies screening on a day and aggregates their rating from various sources. It also provides the option to watch the movie trailers or even book the tickets.

FilmyRatings 1 FilmyRatings 2 FilmyRatings 3

The app gives movie listings of three countries presently- India, US and UK.


Repix (Free)

We’ve lost the count of apps available in the Play Store for picture editing, but yet they keep coming with each of them offering unique set of features. The latest app to join the list is Repix, which comes to Android after garnering more than 4m downloads in iOS. The app provides basic options like cropping, adjusting contrast, etc. and more importantly options to remix the photos by painting various effects through brushes over the original image. What’s more, the app also has a support for S-Pen which has become a very distinctive and useful feature of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.

Repix 1 Repix 2 Repix 3

The app also has a paid version (available as a in-app purchase) which provides access to more brushes.

Updated App(s)


Foursquare (Free)

Check-ins: a concept popularized by Foursquare to make the users update their location every time they visit a restaurant, movie hall, park, etc. But, while initially people loved this idea, over the time users have become reluctant to share their visits publically and even when they do, Facebook or Google + serves the same purpose. That prompted Foursquare to change its model by bringing the capability of real time recommendations to the user based on their current location. For example- if you’re sitting in a restaurant, it can suggest the best dish available there.

Foursquare 1 Foursquare 2 Foursquare 3

The update is being rolled out gradually to all the users.


Shazam (Free)

Shazam is an app which can listen to the song being played and helps one in identifying it. Though the app is very useful, its interface was reminiscent of the old Android versions. With the new update, the app has undergone complete overhaul to feature a Holo UI. The app now works well across devices of all kind of sizes.

Shazam 1 Shazam 2 Shazam 3

The app also has a Premium version called as Shazam Encore.


Twitter (Free)

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks and it has changed the way people communicate with each other in very short 140 characters. But, sometimes due to the complexity of discussion, the conversation between people moves beyond one or two tweets to a stream of tweets. This also makes it difficult for anyone else to follow the conversation and this update intends to change that by connecting the tweets in a conversation in a vertical line. The app now also supports the capability to report the tweets for abuse or spam.

Twitter 1  Twitter 2  Twitter 3

If you’re using an entry level Android smartphone, then Twitter has optimized the app so that it utilizes less space for installation.

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