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Delhi Metro Rail
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Play Store is getting richer by each day with numerous apps and while it’s great to know that there are so many apps, it also makes it difficult to discover useful apps. The Apps of the Week article sifts through these apps and brings you the ones which surely deserves a try-

BSEIndia (Free)

Stock market is a very volatile market and key for any investor to make profit in it is to keep a tab on the indices as well as company’s stock prices. This app brings this functionality of checking 26 BSE indices real-time from the comfort of a mobile phone. The app has a very simple interface allowing users to search for any company’s stock information such as price graph, market cap and more. It also provides list of daily top gainers and losers.

BSEIndia 1BSEIndia 2BSEIndia 3

The app can surely come in handy for stock market lovers.

Delhi Metro Rail (Free)

As the name says, this app is made for almost 20 lakh people using Delhi Metro daily. While many people are aware of the routes, several people get confused between different routes and more importantly if they need to interchange at any point. Users get to know about fares between stations, time schedule, travel time and even parking availability at any station. It also shows stations on Google Maps or make use of device’s GPS to tell nearest metro station. It’s not limited to metro only as the app also provides details about important tourist locations in Delhi.

Delhi Metro Rail 1Delhi Metro Rail 2Delhi Metro Rail 3

Another feature which we must highlight is that the app has an ability to report lost and found items.

HabitRPG (Free)

All of us wish to be super productive by maintaining a task list and trying to stick to it. But, let’s admit it, most of us fail in it and that too very badly. What if, we turn these to dos into a sort of game which rewards us for each of these accomplished tasks? Habit RPG turns a user into a game character where the user has to enter their good and bad habits, daily tasks and also set rewards when they are able to collect certain amount of tokens.

HabitRPG 1HabitRPG 2HabitRPG 3

If you have an habit of procrastination, then this app is sure to give you a li’l extra boost to complete your daily tasks.

Timely (Free)

There are countless number of apps on the Play Store for setting alarms and acting as timers, heck even there is a default app in every mobile phone. But, this app turns this simple and mundane task in to beautiful experience. The app offers a wonderful experience from setting of alarm with swiping interface to waking up in the morning with soothing sounds to closing the alarm with gestures. It also integrates with Android’s Daydream feature, Google Now, DashClock extension and more.

Timely 1Timely 2Timely 3

The app also works well on tablets and offers seamless sync between multiple devices.

TomTom India (Rs. 2050)

GPS in our smartphones has became our tour guide helping us to find our way out in an kind of place. Google Maps is the de facto service and app for helping us with directions and thus reaching the destination, but this is not the only app. TomTom navigation is a very popular navigation service used by millions of people and now it has made its way to India. It has standard features of navigation, voice instructions, alternate route finder, and more. But, the USP of the app is its offline maps which means you’ll be able to access the routes even when there is no signal.

TomTom India 1TomTom India 2

However, we aren’t too sure if this app offers too much advantage than Google Maps at its current price of Rs. 2050.

Updated Google App(s)

This week can be celebrated as an update week in Googlesphere with several of its apps getting some nice updates. An update to Google search made the Google Now more awesome by adding support for more cards like Public Transit, Reminder, etc. While, Chrome Browser now supports intuitive gestures for tabs as well as allows users to search about any image by right clicking upon it. Google’s note taking app Keep also got an update to bring a navigation drawer along with ability to set time and location reminders to the tasks. If you fancy searching YouTube for more videos while watching another, then Google has granted your wish as the app now allows in-app multitasking which means a video will be running on one side of the screen and you can continue using the app.

Google KeepYouTube

Which of these updates you liked the most?

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