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1 Second Everyday
Active Notifications
Floating Widgets Music Player
Klyph for Facebook
Twister Launcher

Apps have the capability of adding new functionalities to a device, that’s why we’ve this weekly feature that will bring some interesting apps to your notice. Compared to previous weeks, this week was pretty dull for Android in terms of apps, but still we found some awesome apps which comprise of emulating Moto X software features, documents one’s life or offers utility-

1 Second Everyday (Free, $0.99)

This app provides a wonderful premise of recording our each day in a short 1 second video, so that we can visit it later and enjoy it. It can access the video recorded from the device or one can capture a video from the app itself. The videos are shown in a timeline format so that you can easily compile your moments from past month or year in a video. These videos can be backed up to Google Drive or even be shared over social network.

1 Second Everyday 1   1 Second Everyday 2

It’s free for 30 days and then requires in-app payment of $0.99.

Active Notifications (Free)

This app brings you the Moto X’s capability to see notifications without even unlocking the device, thus saving time and battery as well. Whenever there is any notification about missing a call,new message/ email, the display will light up for a moment to give indication about it. The app will ensure that these notifications don’t come when the device in your pocket or faced downwards. The app allows to enable/ disable the apps which can send active notifications.

Active Notifications 1   Active Notifications 2   Active Notifications 3

Sadly the app is compatible with recently rolled out Android 4.3, which is available in very few devices, however developer has ensured that the app will support previous versions of Android as well.

Floating Music Widget (Free)

Over the past few weeks, we’ve told you about several apps which provides the floating functionality for accessing other apps, notifications and more. But, this app literally takes this awesome concept of floating and enabling user to control music playback from anywhere on the screen. The widget supports many music players for Android and can easily be resized and repositioned anywhere.

Floating Music Widget 1   Floating Music Widget 3

Download the widget and enjoy the freedom of controlling the music playback quickly and without the need of pains to go back to the music app.

Klyph for Facebook (Free)

Let me ask you something, how many of you guys are on Facebook and dislike its mobile app. If you’re such person, then this app is for you. Klyph is a third party app for Facebook which brings in a totally new user interface for the social network leader by marrying it with the Google + cards based layout. Google+ design already got rave reviews and this combinations provides best of both worlds.

Klyph for Facebook 1   Klyph for Facebook 2   Klyph for Facebook 3

The app provides ads and if you want ad-free experience, then buy its pro version.

Twisty Launcher (Free)

Another interesting feature in Moto X was the quick launch of camera by flicking the wrist twice. Twisty launcher takes that capability further by giving option to open any app by simple flicking of wrist twice. The app has support for three gestures allowing one to open a different app by each of those gestures.

Twisty Launcher 1   Twisty Launcher 2   Twisty Launcher 3

Does this feature alone makes you forego Moto X or there are some more features like Touchless Control, which is not easy to replicate.

That’s it for this week’s apps, however we would like to give shout out to Android Device Manger. Although, this is not an app, but provide an official and efficient solution to several third party tracking apps. It offers access to phone’s location and ability to remotely wipe its data, in case your device gets stolen.

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