Top Android Apps of the Week #31

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Office Mobile for Office 365
Word Bucket
Onavo Count

As the week is coming to end, it’s time for our regular feature of top android apps which were either released or updated in the whole week. This week has been quite busy for Play Store with the release/ update of numerous number of apps ranging from utility to customization to personal communication-

AdSense (Free)

This is great news for bloggers and web publishers alike who use Google’s AdSense service to monetize their websites. The apps aims to provide on the go experience of ability to access it’s functionality without even visiting the website. In its first iteration, users can see their earnings information, top custom and URL channels, site report, etc.

AdSense 1   AdSense 2   AdSense 3

This is apps first release providing barebones features and it will be continuously updated to help users make most of their AdSense account.

Appsi (Free)

Ever since Facebook showcased the cool functionality of chat heads and ability to chat over the top of any app, we’re beginning to see some great implementation of such idea for notifications, settings, etc. in our apps of the week section regularly. This time the app provides quick access to all your apps, contacts, messages (and whatever else you add in favorites) on the top of any app you might be using. What’s more interesting is that this subtle overlay can be added at multiple places on the screen (called as hotspots in the app) for providing access to different set of things.

Appsi 1   Appsi 2   Appsi 3

The apps functionality can be further expanded by buying pro version or downloading plugins.

Office Mobile for Office 365 (Free | Office 365 subscription required)

Just a fortnight of its release on iOS devices, Microsoft have made its Office 365 app available for Android smartphones. Although, don’t be too happy as the app is currently supporting smartphones only and not tablets. More importantly, the app is free, but it requires a paid subscription is required to use the app. The app offers usual features of ability of creating, editing and saving/syncing the documents over Skydrive account.

Office Mobile for Office 365 1   Office Mobile for Office 365 2   Office Mobile for Office 365 3

Read more about Office app here.

Twine (Free)

As if there’s any dearth of social networking services and apps, we still see some upstarts trying to take on incumbents like Facebook and Twitter. Twine is trying to stand out from the rest with its capability of discovering people with similar interest and casually flirting with them. The app connects with your Facebook account to find your interest and then matches them with strangers, so you can have a chat while staying anonymous. If the communication clicks between you and other person, you can choose to reveal yourself.

Twine 1   Twine 2   Twine 3

Don’t worry about spamming or even loosing your privacy as the app has strict policies for the same.

Word Bucket (Free)

We’ve covered an app named as Duolingo as one of the best ways to learn a foreign language. But, what if you are comfortable with the basics of a language and now wish to understand the meanings of some complex words or even better want to test your mettle? Word Bucket app acts as your dictionary, notebook and word learning game for foreign language such as Spanish, French, Italian, etc. The app also lets you monitor your progress and even share words with friends.

Word Bucket 1   Word Bucket 2   Word Bucket 3

The paid version of the app allows offline access to the saved words.

Updated Apps

Onavo Count (Free)

Onavo is one of the best ways to track one’s data consumption over 2G/ 3G and Wi-Fi, so that one may never exceed their limit. But, the latest update makes the app go beyond just internet usage as it also breakdowns the data consumption by individual apps. It also brings interesting analysis of user’s average consumption, most data consuming app and go as far as comparing average data consumption for apps, thus suggesting one new apps as well which fits their data usage behavior.

Onavo Count 1   Onavo Count 2   Onavo Count 3

The app also provides a widget to make sure you always have access to your data usage right at the home screen.

Viber (Free)

Viber is one of our favorite and easy to use app for voice cum video chatting with friends specifically in comparison to complex and heavy Skype. Viber became even more compelling once it bought the app to desktop as well. The latest update offers users the ability to share their creativity with each other via doodling/ painting on images. The app has also added more emoticons to spruce up the chatting.

Viber 1   Viber 2   Viber 3

Try the updated Viber which not only can replace calling apps like Skype, Tango, etc., but also replicates the messaging features like Whatsapp, etc.

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