Top Android Apps of the Week #29

Did you know that Play Store just crossed 50 billion app downloads? (According to Google CEO Larry Page’s speech in Q2 Earnings call) Pretty staggering number, right? Specially for just a 5 year old OS and its app store. This shows that people love the fact that modern OSes allow to expand their functionality with apps, and that’s we bring to you Top Android Apps article week after week, so that you may not miss out some great apps.

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Floating Toucher
Paper Artist
WhatStat for WhatsApp
Chrome and Chrome Beta

Awoken (Free)

All of us have dreams- some are close to reality, and some are total fantasy; but all of them are equally beautiful. What if you can know when you are dreaming and thus remember it? There’s a concept called Lucid Dreaming which makes you aware of your dreams and it can be easily learned. And, that’s what this app is aiming at. It also acts as your dream journal and even help you analysing them. Awoken 1 Awoken 2 Awoken 3

Floating Toucher (Free)

One thing which shined out in otherwise shoddy Facebook Home’s implementation was Chat Heads- tiny little popups in the screen for notifying about messages which can be opened, kept as it is or removed. We’ve also covered Floating Notifications working in the similar fashion as app of the week previously, but this app takes a step further. Floating Toucher enables you to open any toggle for settings, apps, etc. Floating Toucher 1 Floating Toucher 2 Floating Toucher 3 The pro version allows to open customized folders as well.

Paper Artist (Rs. 149.99)

Paper Artist turns your photos into a piece of art with the help of filters, brushes, effects, etc. The app came into popularity last year since it was preinstalled in Samsung Galaxy Note, but now it’s available for all Android devices. The app comes with stylus support and works even better on tablets. Paper Artist Paper Artist 1 As with all photo editing apps, you can share your awesome pictures to various social networks.

WhatStat for WhatsApp (Free)

WhatsApp with its simple to use interface and free messaging ability have made millions of people rely on it and even replace SMS messages. But, have you ever wondered how much messages you’re sending and to whom? This app analyses your WhatsApp messages and tells messages sent/ received, top friends and groups, most number of messages sent at what time/ week/ month and a lot more. WhatStat for WhatsApp WhatStat for WhatsApp 2 WhatStat for WhatsApp 3 Download this app and get an insight to your relations! Winking smile

WunderMap (Free)

The Play Store is filled with tons of weather information apps, but a good app always stands out. WunderMap comes from the maker of popular weather app called Wunderground and is radar/ map-centric weather app available only for tablets. Instead of being focussed on your current location, the app shows the weather across whole country. WunderMap 1 WunderMap The app also offers a paid version for ad-free experience.

Updated App(s)

Chrome (Free) and Chrome Beta (Free)

In the Google’s Q2 earnings call, it was also mentioned that Chrome enjoys a user base of more than 750 million users and mobile devices plays a major role in it. Chrome Stable versions has been updated to version number 28 which has now support for full screen view and Google Translate for seeing web pages which are in foreign language. If you want to try out newer features in Chrome, try it’s Beta version which has now updated to version 29 supporting faster page loads, bandwidth management tool and performance improvements. Chrome for Android 1 Chrome for Android 2 Chrome for Android 3 Try out any of the versions and enhance your browsing experience. In other news regarding Android Apps, Google has completely overhauled its Google Play website.
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