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Alive Studio
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This week’s focus has been on the deluge of devices unveiled during Mobile World Congress. But that doesn’t mean that the Android app space hasn’t been buzzing with new and updated apps. This week we’ve got an interesting variety of apps offering utility, productivity and entertainment.

Alive StudioAlive Studio {Update} (Free)

Alive by Times Mobile has been renamed to Alive Studio, keeping in sync with the opening up of its platform to everyone. It was earlier limited to only Times’ print publications. The app uses augmented reality to give life to still images or text, and also adds a layer of engagement for users with ads, news and more. It also gets a refreshed user interface. Alive Studio 1 Alive Studio 2 Alive Studio 3

Auto FinderAuto Finder (Free)

How many times have you parked your car in a large parking space and forgetten exactly where you parked it? If this happens to you often, the Auto Finder app will make sure that it doesn’t happen again. The app automatically detects when you’re driving and when you’ve parked using your device’s motion sensors. It then marks the particular location by dropping a pin. Auto Finder 1 Auto Finder 2 Auto Finder 3

CalCal {Update} (Free)

Cal by has been garnering rave reviews for its simplicity and visual appeal, allowing users to focus on their calendar appointments. With the latest update, it adds a feature called ‘HeadsUp’ which helps users set up meetings. It allows users to call a taxi, navigate to a meeting place, email/message attendees before the meeting and similarly provide options to mute the phone, start audio/video recording, make to-do lists and more during the meeting. Even after the meeting is over, the feature makes it easier to send minutes of the meeting to everyone. Cal 1

Camera 360Camera 360 {Update} (Free)

Camera 360 is one of the most popular alternatives to the default camera app, thanks to its large suite of effects and filters. With version 5.0, the app has revamped its design by embracing a flat interface along with 13 additional effects. The app has also made it easier to use these effects and filters by making them available on the Camera Store, allowing users to download only what they need. Camera 360 1 Camera 360 2 Camera 360 3

WeChatWeChat {Update} (Free)

Popular chatting app, WeChat has been updated to version 5.2 and brings with it a number of newfeatures and a redesigned interface. It now allows you to share your real-time location with friends, view photos shared in the group easily via the photo album, find contacts with universal search and more. WeChat has also enhanced its audio and video quality. Another useful functionality is getting notifications only when your name is mentioned in the group. WeChat 1 WeChat 2 WeChat 3


Shadow BladeShadow Blade (Free)

Shadow Blade is the perfect game for those who are looking for some action-based adventure. Gamers play the character of Kuro, a young boy who is learning to be a ninja. You have to fight enemies and evade traps on the way. The game offers crisp graphics and touchscreen controls. Though the game is free, you’ll have to make in-app purchases to enjoy its complete and ad-free version.

SwordigoSwordigo (Free)

If Sword Blade didn’t manage to catch your attention, then give Swordigo a chance. Though the story of the game is the usual, where players have to embark on a journey to save the world from evil, its graphics make it addictive. You can battle it out with baddies on the way with the help of your sword, which can be used for slashing or throwing blasts. Along with the aforementioned apps and games, you should also check out updated Google+ which offers a slew of photo editing options.
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