Top Android apps and games of the Week #9

After ensuring that its mobile platform is being used by millions of consumers, Google is now turning its attention to the corporates with its ‘Android for Work’ program. Under this initiative, Google will offer professionals a work profile, Android for Work app, Google Play for Work, and a suite of productivity tools for keeping their professional lives safe and secure. This is definitely big news and will help the search titan’s mobile platform garner more market share. Now, let’s bring our attention back to the apps and games, since they are also a key reason behind the popularity of Android. So, here are the apps and games that entered the Play Store or got a significant update in the past week.

Ginger KeyboardGinger {Update} (Free)

How often do you need to switch to your calendar or browser for checking something while writing an email or a message? If your answer is quite often and you find it time consuming to switch back and forth between apps, then the latest feature update to Ginger Keyboard is tailor-made for you. The popular grammar-checking keyboard now offers a Smart Bar that lets you access your favourite apps by a single tap. The update also brings the capability of using emoji art and animated GIFs in your messages.

Ginger Keyboard 1 Ginger Keyboard 2 Ginger Keyboard 3

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar {Update} (Free)

The Mountain View giant updates its apps on every Wednesday, and this week was no different as it updated its Calendar app. The latest version of the app brings a host of features, including the ability to view more events at one glance with a seven-day view as well as the ability to pinch-to-zoom. Users can also add files from Google Drive directly to events along with having the ability to import .ics files to add events automatically in the calendar.

Google Calendar 1 Google Calendar 2 Google Calendar 3

iA WriteriA Writer (Rs 70)

One of the most popular and powerful writing tools, iA Writer has finally made its way to Android devices after being available on iOS for long. With sole focus on writing, the app provides no control for formatting and font colours and saves the files in plain text format (.txt or .md), offering a distraction-free environment. In case you want to format your articles, then you can use Markdown markup language, without taking your hands off the keyboard.

iA Writer 1 iA Writer 2 iA Writer 3

Masque 1Masque (Free)

The developers of the popular messaging app Nimbuzz have launched a new app dubbed Masque. The app lets you chat with strangers anonymously and speak your heart out. It connects people on the basis of their age, location and gender, and allows sending text messages, audio notes, selfies and more. Additionally, they will be destroyed after being seen once by the recipient.

Masque 2 Masque 3 Masque

PhotoMathPhotoMath (Free)

As its name indicates, the app aims to solve all your mathematics troubles and all you need to do is to point your phone’s camera to the equation you want to solve. Not only will the app solve the equation, it’ll also show you a step-by-step way to reach the solution. PhotoMath can solve all kind of mathematical problems right from arithmetic to fractions, and linear equations to logarithms. However, it must be noted that the app can only recognise printed problems, and will not be able to recognise the written text.

PhotoMath 1 PhotoMath 2 PhotoMath 3

PreziPrezi (Free)

Prezi is a popular service that makes presentations livelier with its zoomable canvas-based view and a bevy of other visually-appealing features. With this app, you no longer need to access the computer to view the presentations you’ve created. Although you can’t create any presentation from your mobile, the app allows you view presentations and show them to others remotely, along with the capability of sharing them via email or chat services. It also supports Chromecast streaming, so if you have a Chromecast, then you can enjoy watching the presentations on a large screen.

Prezi 1 Prezi 2 Prezi 3

TwitterTwitter {Update} (Free)

Twitter is a popular social network, but perhaps it’s also one of the most difficult to understand for a first-time user. With its latest update dubbed “While you were away”, the company is hoping to change that as it shows users what they missed when they were off Twitter. While it certainly challenges the real-time notion of the service, it’s also quite useful since users can see which tweets garnered the most attention when they weren’t using Twitter and if they continue to scroll down, then they’ll start seeing the usual tweets.

Twitter 1 Twitter 2 Twitter 3

YoYo {Update} (Free)

As soon as the Yo app topped the popularity charts, it came crashing down once the initial buzz died down. However, the idea of notifying about everything with a single word – Yo is quite appealing, and that’s why developers are now taking it to the next level by allowing users to subscribe to over 150 websites. So, whenever the accounts you’ve subscribed send you a Yo, you just need to tap on it from your notification bar and the link will be opened in your browser seamlessly. You can now also send your location to others.

Yo 1 Yo 2 Yo 3


AlmightreeAlmightree: The Last Dreamer (Free)

Almightree is a beautiful 3D puzzle platformer game where you play as a protagonist to bring order to the world. To do so, you have to collect the mythical Almightree and its seedlings, as they have magical powers. You have to go on an adventure trip to find Almightree along with solving clues to know where they might be.

Overkill 3Overkill 3 (Free)

After the success of Overkill and i, the developers are bringing another action-packed game in the series – Overkill 3. The game has a third-person perspective, where you’ll be a part of a cover-based operation to kill the enemies. The makers claim that the game brings console-like graphics in a mobile environment.

While the game is free, do note that there will be several in-app purchases.

We have already appreciated the way Microsoft is embracing the mobile world. Its latest app is also impressive – Keyboard for Excel – even though its meant for a niche userbase, it’s quite handy for those who have to use Excel on a daily basis and input a lot of numbers.

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