Top Android apps and games of the week #8

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Another week has gone by and it’s time to bring you the best apps and games that are too good to miss out on. This week we’ve got a mix of updates and new launches, including a few utility apps and an addictive puzzle game.

AlarmPadAlarmPad (Free)

Instead of a normal alarm, AlarmPad attempts to make your alarm smarter by providing a context. Using a widget alongside the alarm, you can check your appointments as it syncs your calendar, see weather data and even personal messages. Above all, it supports voice commands to dismiss or snooze an alarm. AlarmPad 1 AlarmPad 2 AlarmPad 3 The free version of the app gives you the ability to add up to five alarms, and is supported by ads.

AdaptxtAdaptxt 3.0 {Beta} (Free)

After introducing custom keyboards that provide faster and more accurate typing, developers are now focussing on adding even more capabilities to them. Adaptxt offers location-based word suggestions to users, which means it’s much easier to share your current location with others. Another interesting feature is it that it recognises the app you’re currently using, and provides word suggestions according to your usage of that particular app. Adaptxt 1 Adaptxt 2 Adaptxt 3 The app is currently in beta and can be accessed only by becoming the member of their Google+ community.

BitTorrentBitTorrent {Update} (Free)

Gone are the days when you needed to have a computer running all night to download a torrent. With this latest update, BitTorrent mobile app dons a new interface and now allows you to select the files you want to download. What’s even more useful is that the location of the files can be changed even after the download has begun. BitTorrent 1 BitTorrent 2 BitTorrent 3

BlinkBlink (Free)

We live in an interesting age, where much of our time is spent on social media. But there are many of us who want to share information only with selected people. The latest app to offer this capability is Blink, which has come to Android after being available on iOS. The app allows you to share self-destructing messages with your contacts in the form of text, sketches, videos and voice messages. Blink 1 Blink 2 Blink 3

OneDriveOneDrive {Update} (Free)

SkydDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service, has been renamed OneDrive and brings several new functionalities in this new update. The app supports automatic backup for images and videos captured by camera, and an enhanced Office Mobile to view and edit Office documents. There are few interface changes as well for displaying larger thumbnails. OneDrive 1 OneDrive 2 OneDrive 3 Similar to Dropbox, OneDrive has also started offering referral bonuses, giving you 500MB of extra storage for every new member who signs up with your invite.

TidyTidy (Free)

Our smartphones have become a replacement for digital cameras, making sure we never miss a moment worth remembering. But what happens when we want to view photos later? They’re spread over different locations in our phone’s internal/external storage making it difficult to find images easily. Tidy wants to help solve this problem by neatly organising all your photos with options to group them by location, time, shape (square, panorama, etc) and more. After creating an album, you can also favourite photos, add memos and share them over social networks or email. Tidy 1 Tidy 2 Tidy 3


FivesFives (Free)

A couple of weeks ago, a game called Threes! was launched on iOS, which offered a deceptively simple puzzle based on numbers and a grid. Fives offers a similar gameplay on Android, where players have to form a combination of the number 5 (2 + 3) on a 5 x 5 grid. Like numbers can also be combined to double the result (10 + 10 = 20). Fives 1 Fives 2 Fives 3 The free version of the game is ad-supported, but you can get rid of them by paying $1.99 for the full version. That completes our list of apps and games to check out this week, but not before we mention popular crowd-sourced navigation app, Waze which now ties in with your calendar offering one-tap navigations to the location of your appointments.
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