Top Android apps and games of the week #8

Welcome to the top Android apps and games of the week, our weekly series where we bring you a selected list of titles that are worthy of your attention. This time, we have a variety of apps ranging from a photo-management app to one that makes use of your phone to detect earthquakes, along with a couple of useful updates to popular apps. We also have some cool games lined up for you.

EveralbumEveralbum (Free)

If you’re looking for an app to back up all your photos and videos on the cloud automatically, so that you can access them anytime, anywhere, then Everalbum presents itself as a powerful option. Not only local media, the app can also import photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos. It also lets you share your favourite media with your friends and family.

Everalbum 1 Everalbum 2 Everalbum 3

GmailGmail {Update} (Free)

Last year, Gmail added the support for various other email services like Outlook and Yahoo. However, if you have added these accounts, then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy features like Inbox management and spam protection offered to Gmail users. The latest version brings this feature in the form of Gmailify, letting users of other email services enjoy these advantages.

Gmail 1 Gmail 2 Gmail 3


MyShake (Free)

Smartphones have completely changed the way people communicate with each other, among other things. However, MyShake is trying to revolutionise the way we use them, since it’s making use of their capabilities for scientific reasons. Making use of your phone’s accelerometer, it can detect earthquakes. Imagine how powerful it’d be if everyone in the earth uses the app. With this app, scientists would be able to know about earthquakes almost real-time, and also get an accurate reading of their power. The best part of the app is that it puts minimal stress on the battery life and works in the background.

MyShake 1 MyShake 2 MyShake 3

Ticket JugaadTicket Jugaad (Free)

Booking a seat in a train isn’t an easy affair. If you don’t do it well in advance, seat availability could be a problem. Ticket Jugaad, as the name suggests, offers an alternative approach – it lets you select the source and destination, and then searches for tickets that may be available for the adjacent stations. For booking the tickets, the app has tied with Cleartrip.

Ticket Jugaad 1 Ticket Jugaad 3

SkypeSkype {Update} (Free)

If you want to hold video calls with multiple people at once, then the popular app Skype has made it extremely easy for you. Its latest update supports video calling up to 25 people, and it doesn’t matter if they’re using a phone, tablet or a computer. During such conversations, the app lets you choose between a grid view of four people or a focus view, where it focusses on the person speaking actively. The best part of this feature is that all the member of the video chat needn’t necessarily have a Skype account and can be invited with a simple link.

Skype 1 Skype 2 Skype 3


Fran Bow Chapter 1Fran Bow Chapter 1 (Rs 130.16)

Fran Bow is a point-and-click adventure game falling in the horror genre. It revolves around a young girl Fran, who is struggling with a mental disorder. After witnessing a gruesome and mysterious loss of her parents, she runs to the woods with her cat, Mr Midnight, but ultimately ends up in an mental asylum. You’ll be helping her escape from the asylum to find her cat and go back to her relatives.

The game is divided into four chapters, and you’d need to shell money to purchase each of them.


LONEWOLF is a shooting game with a twist. In the title, you’d be playing a mysterious assassin, who has to do certain things in a bid to enter the criminal organisation ‘Assembly’. However, there’s more to it than what meets the eye and that’s what you’ll be finding about once you start playing it. The thrilling gameplay and impressive graphics will keep you glued.

That brings us to an end to this week’s edition. With the Mobile World Congress set to start, 91mobiles will bring you all the latest update on upcoming flagships and phone launches, but don’t forget to come back next week to get another curated selection of titles for your Android phones.

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