Top Android apps and games of the Week #8

One of our biggest motivations to cover the top Android apps and games very week isn’t just about revealing new apps, but also to tell you that there are apps beyond Facebook and WhatsApp. Some offer you immense utility and others just make your life extremely easier. This week’s selection includes quite a few of such apps allowing you to uncomplicate your life or automate it. So let’s begin.

Alt-CAlt-C (Free)

We often need to share text or links between our smartphone and computer, but there aren’t many seamless solutions to perform such a trivial thing. While you can use the feature-packed Pushbullet (also covered in this week’s edition because of a useful feature update), if you want a simple way to share text or links, then try Alt-C. It makes the sharing of texts and links extremely easy, as all you need to do is to press Alt-C to copy from the desktop and that can be pasted on your device. Similarly, if you copy something from your handset, then that can be pasted on the computer by pressing Alt-V. Do note that you require Alt-C desktop’s app for syncing to work.

Alt-C 1 Alt-C 2

DisaDisa (Free)

With so many messaging apps around us to stay connected with our friends, it becomes more confusing rather than convenient as communication from a single person is spread across many of them. Well, Disa is aiming to solve this problem by unifying all communication with a single person at one place. Currently the app is in beta stage and allows the user to connect their Facebook and WhatsApp chats, apart from regular SMSes. However, developers are promising support for many more messaging services such as Hike, LINE, Telegram and many more. The best part about Disa is that it doesn’t require you to install any of the apps separately, thus saving you storage space as well.

Disa 1 Disa 2 Disa 3

Do ButtonDo (Free)

IFTTT, standing for ‘If this then that’ is a power user’s dream tool for automating their life, but it’s not very intuitive for a first-time user. To change that, developers have introduced a trio of new apps dubbed Do, which simply takes a predefined action along with rebranding its existing app as IF, which works on previous concept. The trio include Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note. While Do Button lets you create single-tap actions by connecting to services like Google Drive. Do Camera and Do Note, on the other hand, as their names indicate, let users initiate actions whenever a photo is captured (sharing on Facebook, syncing to Dropbox, etc.) or a note is taken (post to Facebook, add tasks to Todoist).

Do Button 1 Do Camera 1 Do Note 1

Gallery DoctorGallery Doctor (Free)

Our devices have limited amount of storage, and our photos tend to use quite of a bit of that. Over a period of time, you’d have taken a number of photos and even though many of them may not be of use, they keep occupying storage. Not anymore, as with Gallery Doctor, the app will identify blurry shots, dark photos and such, letting you decide intuitively if you want to keep them or not by swiping right or left. The app also understands your behaviour and based on which photos you want to keep or not, it becomes smarter over time.

Gallery Doctor 1 Gallery Doctor 2

PushbulletPushbullet {Update} (Free)

The popularity and usefulness of Pushbullet can easily be gauged from the fact that the app has been featured quite often on our top apps and games of the week section. Each time, the app adds some interesting feature(s) to its arsenal to become even more useful and this week, the app allows you to leave your phone aside while chatting on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hangouts and more. Yes, now you have the ability to reply to messages directly from your computer. Another new feature is that the app will start flashing heads up notifications for some pushes.

Pushbullet 1 Pushbullet 2 Pushbullet 3


Jolly Jam 1Jolly Jam (Free)

Rovio, the maker of extremely popular and addictive Angry Birds franchise is now going against another famous title Candy Crush with its latest offering. Called Jolly Jam, the game follows the usual match-3 puzzle format, but there are some innovative gameplay options as well, such as box-to-box gameplay, corner-to-corner colour matching and more.

Also check out for an update to your WhatsApp app, as its much-touted voice calling feature is being rolled out to users. We have already tested it and it worked brilliantly.

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