Top Android apps and games of the week #7

This week brought good news to owners of Android Wear smartwatches, as Google rolled out the v1.4 software update, which is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The update comes with new features such as new navigation gestures, the ability to dictate messages and improved battery life. This week’s edition of Android apps also features a major update to a popular Android Wear app. So, let’s dive into the apps and games that you must try out this week.

1Password1Password {Update} (Free)

It’s difficult to remember so many different passwords for so many services, and that’s where password managers come to the rescue. 1Password is among the most popular password managers, and and its latest update makes it even more feature-rich. It now dons a Material Design avatar and supports fingerprint scanners for authentication purposes. The app has also received several performance improvements.

1Password 1 1Password 2 1Password 3

FacerFacer {Update} (Free)

Facer is the most popular app for getting customised watch faces for your Android Wear smartwatch. In v2.0, the app has opted for the freemium model and offers a wide range of premium designs from exclusive artists and brands. The app has also been optimised to provide better battery life. The new Facer creator lets users create their own watchfaces.

Facer 1 Facer 2 Facer 3

InstagramInstagram {Update} (Free)

Popular photo-sharing social network Instagram received an important update this week. If you have multiple accounts on Instagram, you can now easily switch between them, unlike earlier, where you needed to log out and log back in with a different account. Now, all you need to switch between accounts is to tap on your profile picture.

Instagram 1 Instagram 2 Instagram 3


Alto's AdventureAlto’s adventure (Free)

Alto’s adventure has been one of the most anticipated games for Android, following its release on iOS last year, where it was touted as the most beautiful game ever. Developed by Noodlecake studio, you’d step into the shoes of Alto and embark on an endless snowboarding odyssey along with his friends. On your way, you’ll rescue llamas, grind rooftops, and outwit mountain elders. Thanks to the original music and lovely visuals, the game offers an immersive experience.

Final Fantasy IXFINAL FANTASY IX (Rs 1,050)

FINAL FANTASY is one of the longest-running gaming franchises, and its ninth edition, which was first launched back in 2000 for the PlayStation, is now available for Android devices. The game follows the story of Zidane, who kidnaps the local princess with help from his gang. However, the game progresses into a war, where a malevolent force is threatening to destroy the world.

Grand Theft Auto- Liberty City StoriesGTA: Liberty City Stories (Rs 250)

Grand Theft Auto is among the most popular game series for desktops and consoles, and while many of its titles are available for mobile devices, they aren’t built from the ground up and thus aren’t optimised for touchscreens. Liberty City Stories is targeted specifically at mobile gamers, and lets you play as Tony Cipriani who has come back to the city after being in a hiding for a long time. You’ll be up against hit men, cynical goons and others as you try to bring the city under the control of Leone family again. Along with offering incredible graphics, the title also supports gaming controllers.

Grand Theft Auto- Liberty City Stories 1 Grand Theft Auto- Liberty City Stories 2

Lost JourneyLost Journey (Rs 10)

If you love puzzles, but are looking for something that’s aesthetically pleasing as well, Lost Journey will pique your interest. It’s a space exploration puzzle game, in which you’ll be playing Jennifer, who’s lost. You have to help her get back to heaven by sifting through time and space, while getting guidance from a heavenly angel in the form of a butterfly. The title features serene graphics and an addictive background soundtrack.

That brings us to an end of this week’s roundup of top apps and games. Be sure to check back next week to get another dose of the best titles for your Android device.

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