Top Android apps and games of the week #6

You know apps are the next big thing when traditional software giant Microsoft starts offering cross-platform apps, rather than making them exclusive for its own platform. This week, it has made an even bigger bet as it reportedly spent $250 million to acquire popular third-party keyboard company Swiftkey. But there’s a lot more that happened in the world of apps this week, so let’s take a look at the new titles that entered the Play Store or got a big refresh.

Amazon NowAmazon Now (Free)

Amazon, the ecommerce giant, has been venturing into several other categories in India. Chief among them is its pilot of delivering groceries in Bengaluru, and now it seems it’s taking the natural step ahead by launching a dedicated app for ordering groceries. The Amazon Now app is limited to certain areas of Bengaluru as of now, and lets you order daily essentials from retail stores like Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, BPCL In & Out, etc. The app offers express delivery (within two hours) and same-day delivery options.

Amazon Now 1 Amazon Now 2 Amazon Now 3

Opera MaxOpera Max {Update} (Free)

Opera Max is one of the best ways to save your precious data while browsing the web and even using various apps. The latest update aims to make the app more secure even when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network. It does this by using Google’s SPDY protocol, which offers more security as well as faster connections. Opera is also using SSL encryption to ensure that the data sent between your phone and its servers is safe.

Opera Max 1 Opera Max 2 Opera Max 3

SnapseedSnapseed {Update} (Free)

One of the most extensive photo-editing apps, Snapseed is becoming more useful with its latest version 2.3. The app has added some features to its roster such as Lens Blur and Auto-Straighten, which will automatically come into play with a simple tap. Along with several bug fixes, the app now also suppors microSD cards, which means if you own a phone with a storage expansion slot, you can free up space in the internal memory by moving Snapseed to external storage.

Snapseed 1 Snapseed 2 Snapseed 3

Remember The MilkRemember The Milk {Update} (Free)

One of the most popular to-do list managers, Remember The Milk has donned a new avatar with its latest update. The biggest feature is the ability to add subtasks to the main task, dragging and dropping your tasks and using colours to differentiate between tasks. The app has also added more sharing options, along with the ability to set reminders for individual tasks. The best part is that the app can now work offline.

Remember The Milk 1 Remember The Milk 2 Remember The Milk 3

SoundCloudSoundCloud {Update} (Free)

Unlike music streaming services, SoundCloud became popular due to the fact that people could discover upcoming and independent artists on the app. With the latest update however, it’s aiming to compete with music streaming apps with the introduction of Stations. The feature helps the user discover new tracks and then it’ll play back similar songs automatically.

SoundCloud 1 SoundCloud 2 SoundCloud 3

WiFireWiFire (Free)

If you’re always on the lookout for free Wi-Fi hotspots, then WiFire is a must-have. It connects to public hotspots automatically, and doesn’t require you to fill lengthy forms or create passwords. Thanks to its social element, all the networks are verified by users. The app currently works in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad.

WiFire 1 WiFire 2 WiFire 3


Adventures of ManaAdventures of Mana (Rs 788.37)

Adventures of Mana is a remastered edition of popular classic game Final Fantasy Adventure. Now, Square Enix has brought the game to smartphones by making it compatible with touchscreens. The title revolves around the Tree of Mana, which sits atop Mt. Illusia, and legend says that its trunk holds eternal power. You have to ensure that the Dark Lord of Glaive isn’t able to get this power.

Lost in HarmonyLost in Harmony (Free)

Lost in Harmony is a musical odyssey offering an addictive soundtrack made by world-famous composers, including Wyclef Jean. In the game, you’d be guiding Kaito and Kya through different adventures. The interesting thing about the game is that you can create and share your own level and include songs from your device or SoundCloud. Lost in Harmony 1 The game offers four levels for free, but to play more, you need to shell out for the premium subscription.

MARVEL Avengers AcademyMARVEL Avengers Academy (Free)

While we all love superheroes, wouldn’t it be cool to know about stories of their origin too? With MARVEL Avengers Academy, you can not only get to know the story, but play that part as well when superheroes were students and were developing their powers. You can play as any superhero of your choice – Iron Man, Black Widow, and Captain America among others. You can also help build the dream academy, power-up the entire team and participate in exciting challenges.

If you’re looking for an alternate search engine, then check out Bing, which has just received an update to v6.0, offering a revamped design and a number of other features.
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