Top Android apps and games of the week #51

This week was a delight for Google and Android fans in India, as the search titan held its first-ever Google For India conference in the country. It’s India-born CEO Sundar Pichai also made a ton of announcements for the Indian market such as its partnership with Railtel to provide internet connectivity at railway stations, optimising its services for working smoothly even in places with poor connectivity, among others. We also got excited about the upcoming update to Google Translate app, which would now work even while you’re using other apps to help in translating real-time. The Play Store was also was graced with quite a few new apps and games this week, and here’s the noteworthy ones that deserve your attention.

Google Play Books 1Google Play Books {Update} (Free)

Google Play Books is one of the most popular eBook apps, and with its latest update, it has become even better, letting you read at night as well. With the Night Light reading mode, the app will adapt automatically to the natural sunlight outside to make it easier to read. It gradually filters blue light and replaces it with a warm, amber light, which doesn’t hurt the eyes even if you’re reading for long durations.

Google Play Books

HabiticaHabitica (Free)

With the year 2016 just around the corner, many of us would’ve started thinking about our New Year resolutions. However, barring a few, most people tend to slip after the initial excitement. But don’t worry, we have an app for you that can make following habits a game and reward you as well. Habitica lets you input your daily goals, to-do list and as you check off the tasks, you move a level up and unlock several features. Adding a social element, the app also lets you see the progress of your friends.

Habitica 1 Habitica 2 Habitica 3

Inbox by GmailInbox by Gmail {Update} (Free)

With the upcoming holiday season, many of you would have planned your trips. To help plan them in an easier manner, Google has updated the Trip Bundles in its Inbox app, and now you can share the trip summary with friends and family. It has also included an option to add emails to the trip, and most useful of all – these emails are accessible offline. The app has also updated attachments, which lets you access recent photos quickly.

Inbox by Gmail 1 Inbox by Gmail 2 Inbox by Gmail 3

Facebook MessengerMessenger {Update} (Free)

The Messenger app, which was spun off from Facebook not too long ago, is growing in popularity, and with its latest version, is making it easier to share photos with people. The app automatically recognises your friends in the photos captured by you and it creates a group thread to share them easily. Now, you can also customise the app and conversations with different colours, nicknames and emojis.

Facebook Messenger 1 Facebook Messenger 2 Facebook Messenger 3

Microsoft TranslateMicrosoft Translator {Update} (Free)

Translation apps are quite useful, but most of them require you to input characters one-by-one. With the latest update to the Microsoft Translate, the app can now support real-time conversations. The app can allow you to converse in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish in this manner. What’s more interesting is that the app can also work with a smartwatch.

Microsoft Translate 1 Microsoft Translate 2 Microsoft Translate 3


ShadowgateShadowgate (Rs 198.22)

A classic dungeon crawler, Shadowgate is now available to enjoy on mobile devices. The game has been developed for touchscreens from scratch, but the premise is the same – you have to travel into the living castle and challenge the dreaded Warlock Lord. The game features impressive graphics and background soundtrack, and lets you change the control mechanic too.

Swing Copters 2Swing Copters 2 (Free)

About a year ago, the game Flappy Bird became an internet sensation of sorts, but then the developer removed it from the Play Store. He later introduced an even more difficult game in the form of Swing Copters, and now he’s back with its sequel. It’s as difficult as before and the gameplay also remains the same – you need to navigate a copter and guide it through gates to gain points.

Swing Copters 2 1 Swing Copters 2 2 Swing Copters 2 3

So that’s it for this week, watch this space to see check out games and apps that are worth downloading on your Android devices.

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