Top Android apps and games of the Week #50

It’s been almost two months since Google revealed its newest Android version, 5.0 Lollipop along with its new design, but there are several apps which are yet to be updated to this design language. This week, we have a couple of apps flaunting Material Design, along with several interesting apps and games that have debuted on the Play Store.

Action LauncherAction Launcher {Update} (Free)

Action Launcher is one of the oldest options available to beautify Android’s interface, and with this latest update, it’s embracing Google’s Material Design ethos. The app has been completely redone compared to its previous version, and offers useful features such as Quickdrawer to quickly access apps and widgets and Quicktheme, to customise the look of layout based on the wallpaper. Covers is a unique take on folders, while Shutters allow you to use widgets the way you want.

Action Launcher 1 Action Launcher 2 Action Launcher 3

The app requires an in-app purchase of $4.99 to unlock its all capabilities.

BBMBBM {Update} (Free)

BlackBerry’s instant messaging app has dipped its toes in Material Design with v2.6 making it ready for Android 5.0 Lollipop devices. There are several other updates too, such as the ability to send stickers in a group chat. The app has also updated the timed messaging feature, with the option to use a timer of up to 60 seconds, and giving users the ability to view a timed message multiple times until it expires. Another useful feature is that BBM will now indicate a ‘D’ (delivered to recipient) and ‘R’ (read by recipient) for pictures as well.


DeviantArtDeviantArt (Free)

DeviantArt is one of the oldest communities for artists to share their creations with each other, and now the popular website is readying itself for the increasingly mobile world with an Android app. The app brings all the features of the website, allowing users to view content shared by others, along with the ability to upload their own artwork. Users can also access comments left by visitors on their submissions via Notifications. Additionally, the app has useful sections like News and What’s Hot to display popular submissions.

DeviantArt 1 DeviantArt 2 DeviantArt 3

HangoutsHangouts {Update} (Free)

Move over emoticons, stickers seems to be the next big thing in messaging apps. Google has added support for 16 new sticker packs in Hangouts. Other features in this update include the ability to make your video calls more fun by using various filters like sepia, vignette, and more. Hangouts is also becoming smarter, automatically displaying a one-click button to share your location whenever someone asks ‘Where Are You?’.

Hangouts 1 Hangouts 2 Hangouts 3

HERE BetaHERE Beta (Free)

Even after selling its hardware business to Microsoft, Nokia is planning its future quite well. Its popular mapping solution, HERE, which was exclusive to Windows Phones until now, can now be used on Android devices. Along with its powerful routing capabilities, the app is popular for its offline features, since it allows users to download entire maps. The app also provides ratings and reviews of places from Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, etc. Thanks to the partnership with Glympse, users can also share their real-time location with their friends using HERE.

HERE Beta 1 HERE Beta 2


Indiegogo (Free)

Indiegogo – the popular crowdfunding website and home to successful projects such as the Jolla Tablet is now available on your fingertips via its newly-launched app. It allows you to discover new campaigns, which are personalised based on your preferences. Along with that, the app gives you an option to follow your favourite campaigns and explore their campaign perks.

Indiegogo 2 Indiegogo 3 Indiegogo 1

YouTubeYouTube {Update} (Free)

We are living in an internet era, yet there are many areas where internet connectivity isn’t available at all, or where there’s a bandwidth constraint. Perhaps that’s why Google has added an immensely useful capability in its video sharing website YouTube. Along with the ability to stream videos, YouTube will also provide the option to download selected videos (only available in a few countries like India). Once downloaded, you can watch these videos offline over the next 48 hours, after which they’ll automatically be deleted from your device.

YouTube 1 YouTube 2 YouTube 3


Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones (Rs 307.96)

George RR Martin’s fantasy book series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and its TV adaption ‘Game of Thrones’ seems to have caught everyone’s attention, and now with this game, you can be a part of this gripping adventure too. However instead of following the story of the show, in the game you’ll be playing different members House Forrester, a noble family from the north of Westeros that’s loyal to the Starks. Created by Telltale Games, popular for their storyline-format games, your actions and decisions can change the course of the game. The game is divided into six different episodes.

The game has high hardware requirements, such as good GPU and a 1GB of RAM or more.

Inferno 2Inferno 2 (Rs 182.38)

Inferno 2 is the sequel to critically acclaimed twin-stick shooter role-playing game, and takes the action to the next level. The title features awesome graphics and offers more than 80 levels. You have to kill the enemies coming your way with the help of different weapons at your disposal to clear each level.

Marvel Contest of ChampionsMarvel Contest of Champions (Free)

A treat for Marvel comic fans, in this game you’ll have to assemble a team of heroes (and villains) from Marvel’s universe to fight against the evil super villain Kang The Conqueror. Your job is to collect and manage the team of heroes and villains wisely, so that you receive synergy bonuses for choosing the right team (hint: form teams such as The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men). The game is made for mobile devices, and offers exotic locations from Marvel’s universe.

Also check out VLC Player, which has finally shed its beta tag on the Play Store.

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