Top Android apps and games of the week #50

The past week was shutdown time for quite a few notable apps. While Dropbox killed two of its apps – the picture album Carousel along with the popular email app Mailbox, Facebook also shut down its Creative Labs division. This initiative had given birth to apps like Rooms and Slingshot and they got the axe too. However, that doesn’t meant that there weren’t any new or updated titles worthy of your attention, so let’s take a look at our picks this week.

Cardboard CameraCardboard Camera (Free)

While there’s a lot of buzz around Virtual Reality, there are a very few products that are commercially available for consumers to experience it. Google’s Cardboard is one such offering and making it even more attractive is its affordable price point. With the Cardboard Camera, the search giant is allowing users to capture their moments in 3D along with the sound to relive them later with the Cardboard.

Cardboard Camera 1 Cardboard Camera 2

InstagramInstagram {Update} (Free)

Jealous to see your friend(s) with the latest iPhones touting 3D touch functionality? Well, the latest update to Instagram brings somewhat similar feature to Android devices. If you long-press on an image in the gallery, then you preview it. If your slide over to the three buttons below, then you can quickly like the pic, view the user’s profile or share it with others.

Instagram 1 Instagram 2 Instagram 3

PushbulletPushbullet {Update} (Free)

Does it ever happen to you that you wanted to access an important file on a mobile, but you couldn’t because the device wasn’t with you? Enter Remote Files, a new feature in the Pushbullet app, that lets you browse and request files from other devices remotely. The feature can be used on the computer as well as phones. The only caveat is that the other device should be turned on and connected to the internet.

Pushbullet 1 Pushbullet 2 Pushbullet 3

SwiftKey SymbolsSwiftKey Symbols (Free)

SwiftKey has become synonymous with typing quickly and accurately, but with its latest app under its Greenhouse initiative, it’s aiming to make it easier for people with autism or communication disabilities to express themselves. Instead of sentences, users will be able to send symbols to others and the app will try to predict the relevant symbols for completing their messages. The app becomes better over time as it understands the user and it can also provide specific predictions based on day and time. Users can also add custom photos as categories or symbols.

SwiftKey Symbols 1 SwiftKey Symbols 2


Age of Empires- World DominationAge of Empires: World Domination (Free)

Age of Empires is one of the earliest and most popular real-time strategy games, and now it’s making its way to smartphones. Your mission is to explore the territory, build your kingdom, beat rivals with your allies. You can customise your empire with structures of your choice and grow your empire. You can also choose over 100 heroes such as King Arthur, Cao Cao, etc. to build the ultimate army.

Age of Empires- World Domination 1 Age of Empires- World Domination 2

Lost HorizonLost Horizon (Rs 308.11)

Lost Horizon is a popular point-and-click adventure for iOS and after quite a few years, it’s now available for Android devices. The game revolves around Fenton Paddock, an ex-British Air Force soldier and his girlfriend, who were tasked with finding missing researchers in the highlands of Tibet. But it’s not easy as it sounds, as Nazis have also sent their secret task force to get hold of the explorers. The title keeps the players engrossed with its riddles and impressive graphics.

Lost Horizon 1 Lost Horizon 2

The Beggar's RideThe Beggar’s Ride (Rs 250)

The Beggar’s Ride falls in the platformer genre where you play as a protagonist who’s a beggar and has found a mask to a hidden world. While the mask is meant for heroes, you take a ride through beautiful lands and use incredible powers to find out who the beggar really is.

The Beggar's Ride 1 The Beggar's Ride 2

Also check out the update to the Google Photos app, which not only lets you share albums with your friends, but give them the ability to add photos to the shared album too.

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