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7 Minute Workout
NVIDIA TegraZone
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Flappy Bird
Minigore 2
Each week, there are a ton of apps and games that hit the Play Store either as new launches or upgrades. But how many of those are worth your attention? With Top Android apps and games, we strive to bring to you a curated list of the best ones. This week we have a wide variety ranging from fitness to messaging apps, along with some addictive games.

AudioCompass GuideAudioCompass Guide (Free)

AudioCompass acts as your personal tour guide highlighting important tourists spots in a city using audio. This way, you can enjoy the view of the location and get to know its importance at the same time. The app can work both in online and offline modes by downloading the guide for a particular city. Though the app is free, audio guides for respective cities need to be paid for. AudioCompass Guide 1AudioCompass Guide 2AudioCompass Guide 3 At the moment, the app offers guide for cities like Agra, Mumbai, Delhi and more, and coverage for more cities will be available in the future.

Johnson & Johnson 7 MinuteJohnson & Johnson 7 Minute (Free)

For all those fitness buffs who are short on time, 7 Minute Workout has become a boon as it aims to keep one fit by specifying work outs for a seven-minute time window. The official app brings this workout to your smartphone and tablet screens, allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere. The workout is targeted towards all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute 1Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute 2Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute 3

MxitMxit (Free)

There is no dearth of instant messaging apps available for mobile devices, be it the ubiquitous WhatsApp or the feature-laden WeChat, along with countless others. South African app Mxit aims to make a name for itself with add-on functionalities on top of the usual messaging features. Some of the interesting features include Chat Cards, which are lightweight  HTML5 based apps and games that can be sent and received within the chat itself. There’s support for Hindi as well. Mxit 1Mxit 2Mxit 3

NVIDIA TegraZoneNVIDIA TegraZone {Update} (Free)

NVIDIA initially offered its TegraZone app to showcase games optimised for the Tegra mobile processors, but with the latest update, the app can be downloaded on all Android devices. The app curates the best games available for the Android platform with descriptions and reviews, and allows them to be purchased  through Google Play  Store. NVIDIA TegraZone 1NVIDIA TegraZone 2NVIDIA TegraZone 3 Read more about the features of the updated TegraZone.

OffersOnOffersOn (Free)

SoLoMo (social-local-mobile) is the buzzword these days for the apps offering such capabilities to smartphone users, and the OffersOn app makes use of local and mobile together to offer deals. With this app, users can find deals and discounts on popular categories like electronics, restaurants, clothes and several others in their locality. The app also provides contact information of the merchants, and turn-by-turn directions to their stores. OffersOn 1OffersOn 2OffersOn 3 The app is compatible with devices based on Android 4.0 or above.

Stack ExchangeStack Exchange (Free)

Stack Exchange is one of the most popular online Q&A communities, integrating more than 110 different communities ranging from programming to operating systems and even languages. Now it brings the same functionality with the launch of its app, featuring a slick interface that allows users to get one-stop access to all questions asked in the communities followed by  them in “The Feed”. It also offers customised recommendations for questions that can be answered by users based on their interests, notifications of replies, etc. Stack Exchange 1Stack Exchange 2Stack Exchange 3 The developers have promised to continue making the app better and add more functionalities.

TelegramTelegram (Free)

The second messaging app featured in this week’s Android apps and games selection, Telegram focuses on the privacy and security aspect of instant messaging. It also offers the capability of sending video and photos sized up to 1GB to contacts, and cloud storage to ensure that the chats are available across multiple devices. With Secret Chat, the app doesn’t create any server log for messages. Additionally, the app allows group chats with up to 200 members. Telegram 1Telegram 2Telegram 3

TwitterTwitter {Update} (Free)

Twitter is constantly making improvements to its official app. With the latest version, the app offers an enhanced photo viewer and photo editing tool. The photo editing tool now makes it easier to crop images, along with offering preset options like wide or square formats. If there are no new tweets, then the app will display recommended tweets, trending topics and suggestions to follow new accounts. Twitter 1Twitter 2 Here’s the complete information on the changes in the latest update.

QuestQuest (Free)

While an app called Jelly featured a few weeks ago aimed to make posing questions to others visual by making use of images, this week’s Quest app aims to get you answers from people located nearby. The app allows asking text-based questions, and has an option to attach pictures as well. Quest 1Quest 2Quest 3


Flappy BirdFlappy Bird (Free)

Thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay, Flappy Bird became a runaway success when it was launched on iOS. Now, this game has been made available on Android devices as well, requiring the players to navigate a bird safely through a maze of pipes by tapping on the screen. The graphics of the game have a retro feel, making it interesting for those who love this genre. Flappy Bird 1Flappy Bird 2Flappy Bird 3 The best part of the game is that it’s absolutely free  without requiring any in-app purchases.

Minigore 2- ZombiesMinigore 2: Zombies (Free)

The sequel to the popular Minigore game, version 2 takes zombie-killing frenzy to the next level. Gamers play the role of protagonist John Gore who carries two guns and a hammer, and with the help of his army, slays zombies. The graphics of the game take gamers from beautiful pastures to spooky graveyards. That’s it for this week’s apps and games. But there’s more – Google has just updated its Android Device Manager and Play Books with some useful capabilities.
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