Top Android apps and games of the Week #49

After updating most of its apps with its latest design language, Google isn’t resting even a bit. It has just pushed out an update to the Play Store offering a slight redesign and a new ‘My Account’ page. The new page not only enlists all your purchases, but also lets you change your payment method. The Play Store has seen a fair share of new and updated apps this week as usual, and here’s a look at the top titles that deserve your attention.

AirDroidAirDroid {Update} (Free)

AirDroid is one of the simplest ways to transfer files between your mobile device and computer, that too wirelessly. But with version 3.0, the app is becoming a lot more useful. Now, along with accessing your smartphone via your browser, you can also download AirDroid’s desktop client available for Windows and OS X. The app offers Notification Mirror, and mirrors all your phone notifications on your computer’s screen, while AirMirror allows you to remotely access your smartphone, which means you can even respond to  WhatsApp messages, that too from your computer (however, it works only if you have a compatible Android version and may even require rooting of the device).

AirDroid 1 AirDroid 2

BillBachaoBillBachao (Free)

Wondering how you can save on your phone bill that keeps on increasing month after month? BillBachao, as the name indicates, helps you do that by suggesting you the best plans as well as the right telecom operator for you. It does so by tracking your phone usage, and thereby monitoring your calls, messages and internet use. Not only does it track your usage, but also network quality, whether you’re using the phone in your home network or roaming, so that it can recommend you a better plan. The app also offers time-saving tips, displaying USSD codes and SMS short-codes for your respective operator, along with providing you options to activate DND and deactivate VAS easily.

BillBachao 1 BillBachao 2 BillBachao 3

MAPS.MEMAPS.ME {Update} (Free)

MAPS.ME, a popular navigation app and selected as one of the best apps of 2014 by Google, has now gone completely free. The app was acquired by Russian Mail.Ru group just last month, and it’s powered by OpenStreetMaps, which is one of the most powerful global mapping platforms apart from Google, TomTom and HERE (by Nokia). The app offers useful features such as offline mapping and ability to favourite specific places.


SlingshotSlingshot {Update} (Free)

Facebook isn’t giving up in its fight against Snapchat easily. After releasing Slingshot a few months back, it has updated the app to v2.0. Now, instead of private chats, it allows you to follow people. The concept is eerily similar to Snapchat’s Stories feature, where you can see images shared by people you follow in the last 24 hours. The app also gives users an option to enhance their images by using filters, and share them on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Slingshot 1 Slingshot 2 Slingshot 3

StatusStatus (Free)

Busy in a meeting, and couldn’t pick the call from your mother or friends? More often than not, they’ll think that you’re ignoring them, and that’s where the latest app Status aims to help you out. The app automatically lets you set your status, so that others know what you’re up to if they also have the app installed. But it’s more than that since the app automatically tries to track your activities, and if you set your home and work locations by identifying the Wi-Fi signal, then it knows where you are and similarly, it can reply to the callers when you’re driving. The app is also integrated with Android’s dialler, so if someone using it is calling you and you’re busy, it will automatically give them a prompt.

Status 1 Status 2 Status 3

TruecallerTruecaller {Update} (Free)

Truecaller, the popular caller ID app has hit a major milestone this week by reaching more than 100 million registered users. To celebrate its achievement, the app has now been updated with a new design and several new features. The app now offers you suggestions on who to call based on time, location and your call history, which is a bit of Google Now-esque feature. It also provides an integrated phonebook that connects your contacts with their social accounts and updates itself automatically. With its  phonebook, you can not only search for your own saved contacts, but also its directory of more than 1.5 billion contacts.

Truecaller 1 Truecaller 2 Truecaller 3

WireWire (Free)

We’re living in a messaging era, where there are plain chatting apps like WhatsApp to the ephemerality phenomenon Snapchat and even the one-word messenger Yo, and yet a decade-old app like Skype isn’t losing its sheen because of its cross-platform availability and allowing users to call each other. Wire, a new app on the radar, is backed by the Skype co-founder and brings almost the same feature set with a modern minimalistic design language. It lets users share text, images, audio and even rich content from SoundCloud and YouTube with others. The app is available for Mac OS, as well as Android and iOS, and the developers have promised to bring support for video chats and calls soon.

Wire 1 Wire 2 Wire 3


GodusGodus (Free)

Ever wanted to play the role of God Almighty? Well, we aren’t sure about real life, but you can definitely do so in this game. Released last week for Android devices, Godus gives the control of a village in your hands where you have the power to create land, control people and watch them grow into a civilisation, create miracles and much more.

As with most free games, Godus have several in-app purchases. The game requires an internet connection to play.

RGB ExpressRGB Express (Free)

RGB Express is a simple-yet-addictive puzzle wherein your job is to deliver packages to the right place with truck. Each package is colour-coded to the home you have to deliver to, and hence each truck takes a different path. The gameplay requires you to find the path that each truck should take and then they automatically deliver the package. While the game starts off in a very simple way, as you progress, the puzzle becomes more difficult.

World of Tanks BlitzWorld of Tanks Blitz (Free)

World of Tanks, a popular massively multiplayer online game for PCs is now available for Android devices. While the gameplay is similar, it has been optimised for mobile devices. The game follows 7v7 online multiplayer gameplay, and lets players choose over 100 iconic tanks from Germany, Britain, US and USSR. It has 10 unique battle arenas and allow players to chat with each other, along with the option to invite friends to play the game.

Before we end this week’s edition, take a look at the updated Twitter app, which now provides numerous filters to pep up your photos. Also check out Google News and Weather app offering a new dark theme and the ability to search news.

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