Top Android apps and games of the week #49

As the year 2015 comes to a close, Google is helping us take a look back in the world of apps this year. It has curated a list of the best apps and games that were released this year, so do take a look to find some hidden gems. Of course, our weekly article also tries to bring a selected list of titles that deserve your attention, so without further ado, let’s check out the top recommendations for this week.

Adobe Premiere ClipAdobe Premiere Clip (Free)

Our smartphones have become as powerful as our computers, yet we aren’t harnessing all that power. Video editing is one such thing which can be performed on mobile devices, and if you’re looking for an app to do that, then look no further than Adobe’s Premiere Clip. You can automatically create videos by selecting photos and adding a soundtrack, along with editing photos by dragging and dropping multiple video clips and photos together. You can apply transition effect on still images too.

Adobe Premiere Clip 1 Adobe Premiere Clip 2 Adobe Premiere Clip 3

Arts & CultureArts & Culture (Free)

Arts & Culture comes from Google’s stable, and offers all you need to know about museums around the world as it covers more than 850 of them. The app provides comprehensive info about museums, their artworks, artefacts and more. You can zoom into the artworks and take 360-degree tours of the museums and heritage sites. The app also offers search capabilities.

Arts & Culture 1 Arts & Culture 2 

LinkedInLinkedIn {Update} (Free)

Amidst numerous social networks, LinkedIn has made a space for itself with its focus on professional networking. However, its app has remained the same for quite some time, but with the latest update, has received a major design overhaul. It’s more colourful and responsive, along with offering a clean navigation interface, with five tabs divided into Home, Me, Messaging, My Network and Search. You can quickly click upon any of them to go to the respective section.

LinkedIn 1 LinkedIn 2 LinkedIn 3

SnapSnap (Free)

Widgets are immensely useful, however they also take too much screen space, and you need to be on the homescreen to access them. Snap takes an intelligent approach to widgets by letting you access them via the notification drawer. This allows you to access them from almost anywhere as the notification panel can be pulled down from any app.

Snap 1 Snap 2 Snap 3

The free version of the app offers the ability to use three widgets, but if you want to use more, you need to purchase the premium version.

StorehouseStorehouse (Free)

After a deluge of camera apps and photo-editing apps, we’re now seeing a number of titles that lets you share photos or videos stored on your device in an easier manner. Storehouse has a different approach than others as it turns the collection of photos / videos (up to 50) in a beautiful page with a private link. You can also customise the layout of the page by rearranging the images or adding text. The page can also be embedded on a blog or shared via social networks.

Storehouse 1 Storehouse 2 Storehouse 3

Yahoo MessengerYahoo Messenger {Update} (Free)

Yahoo Messenger was one of the most popular instant messaging services in the yesteryear, however with the proliferation of smartphones, it wasn’t able to beat the popularity of mobile-first apps such as WhatsApp. With its latest update, it hopes to change that. It has donned a new design and has also made it easier to send photos instantly, use animated GIFs, ‘like’ messages and photos, and even unsend messages.

Yahoo Messenger 1 Yahoo Messenger 2 Yahoo Messenger 3


Rayman AdventuresRayman Adventures (Free)

Rayman Adventures is the third game in the series of side-scrolling titles with Rayman as a protagonist. While the gameplay remains simple – you need to jump, hang on things and avoid obstacles in each level, its storyline is quite interesting – your mission is to rescue Incrediballs and collect ancient eggs. The title features incredible graphics to keep you addicted, and you can also play as Barbara, Rayman’s Viking companion.

Sniper FurySniper Fury (Free)

In accordance with its name, the game requires you to shoot and kill the target. With over 130 missions, the title keeps the player engaged and also offers immersive graphics and a variety of locations. You can choose from different rifles and also personalise your weapons. The game also supports multiplayer mode.

Temple Run 2Temple Run 2 {Update} (Free)

Rayman Adventures isn’t the only running game we have for you this week. The extremely popular endless-running game Temple Run 2 has also received an update with the new expansion pack called Frozen Shadows. You’ll still need to run away from demon monkey, but this time, in a new land and icy weather. To escape, you can surf the ice luge and race across the forest, along with surfing through the ice tunnels on big demon monkey skull.

Temple Run 2 1 Temple Run 2 2 Temple Run 2 3

The ExecutiveThe Executive (Rs 199.24)

The Executive might sound like a boring title, but it’s one of those apps which shouldn’t be judged by their name. You play as a CEO of the company, which has been infiltrated by werewolves, and your job is not only to save your employees, but the entire city too. It’s a fast-paced martial arts action game and features interesting graphics thanks to more than 120 hand-drawn levels.

That brings us to the end of yet another exciting edition of top apps and games for your Android devices. Do come back next week, to see what we have in store for you.

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