Top Android apps and games of the week #48

Google may have restructured itself with a new company called Alphabet, but its mission statement hasn’t changed over the years – “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” This is possible by improvements to its search functionality, and that’s what has received some love from the Mountain View behemoth this week. With the latest update, its search app can now answer even complex questions by breaking them down into various steps. Now, let’s take a look at the other new or updated apps and games worth checking out this week.

AppBlockAppBlock (Free)

With most of our time being spent on smartphones, productivity can go down the drain if we lean towards social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as games. AppBlock helps you to be more productive by blocking the apps selected by you. The app lets you activate the blocking automatically on a particular date and time. Not just that, it also allows you to block all notifications for a certain period.

AppBlock. 1 AppBlock 2 AppBlock 3

FitCircleFitCircle (Free)

As its name suggests, the app helps and motivates you in staying fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. The free app not only helps you with exercises and workouts, but gives you proper info about diet and nutrition. You can also chat with nutrition experts, along with checking out simple-to-follow five-minute workout programs. Users can also get competitive by using the fitness challenges, leaderboard and more.

FitCircle 1 FitCircle 2 FitCircle 3

inShortsinShorts {Update} (Free)

inShorts has made a name for itself as a crisp news app, which lets you know about what’s happening in the world in bite-sized nuggets. With its latest update, the app is aiming at Indian users who are comfortable with Hindi, as it not only offers this language in the interface, but provides summaries of the news in Hindi too. The app has also revamped its user interface along with sharing options.

inShorts 1 inShorts 2 inShorts 3

smartappsmartapp (Free)

While there are countless number of apps for recharging your mobile number, there aren’t many which suggest you the best recharges for you based on your usage. smartapp comes from Times Internet Limited and tracks your usage of the number for calls, messages and internet. This allows the app to present you the best recharge packs and combo plans to save money. The app can also be used for regular recharges for prepaid numbers or for paying postpaid bills.

smartapp 1 smartapp 2 smartapp 3


Blendoku 2Blendoku 2 (Free)

Unlike most puzzles, Blendoku 2 requires you to pay close attention to the colours as you have to arrange them in a particular order on the basis of their shades. Carrying over the legacy of its predecessor, the title offers more fun with a multiplayer mode, painting mode, new themes and more. It has more than 500 levels of fun and keeps you engaged with its gameplay.

Lara Craft GOLara Craft GO {Update} (Free)

Square Enix, the developer behind Lara Craft GO, has just updated its turn-by-turn puzzle game. Dubbed as The Shard of Life expansion pack, it brings forth a whole new adventure with 26 new puzzles in a new location. The pack offers a new mechanic that can change the enemy behaviour completely. Players would also see new challenges and collectibles.

Star Wars- Galaxy of HeroesStar Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (Free)

You have to sit tight for a few more weeks before the seventh Star Wars movie is out, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the fantasy universe. In the Galaxy of Heroes, your job is to collect your favourite characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and more, and with their help conquer your opponents. You  also need to devise strategies to take on the enemies.

WhatsApp added an useful feature called ‘starred messages’ in beta a few weeks back, and now the same functionality is available in its latest version available via the Play Store. This will allow you to mark messages / pictures as favourites, so you can find them quite easily later.

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