Top Android apps and games of the week #47

Google’s Play Store has over a million apps, but how do you know which ones deserve your attention? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as every week, we bring you a curated list of the top Android apps and games that are worth downloading. Read on for this week’s selections.

Facebook GroupsFacebook Groups (Free)

If you haven’t noticed already, Facebook is moving beyond being just a social networking platform. After establishing itself as leader in the messaging space with both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, it’s now turning its attention towards groups. Groups have been a part of the social network since a long time, but now with the use of its latest app, users can instantly browse and connect with the groups they have joined. Of course, users can also create their own groups. In case you closely follow a particular group, you can add it to the homescreen for easy access.

Facebook Groups 1 Facebook Groups 2 Facebook Groups 3

Google KeepGoogle Keep {Update} (Free)

Just last week, we featured Google Keep in our apps of the week section because it was refreshed with the new Material Design language. This week, the note-taking app has been updated with some useful features. Now, you can share your notes with others, which means common lists like shopping lists will become incredibly easy to maintain. The app also offers advanced search capabilities for finding notes, including the ability to search by a note’s colour, and whether the note has a reminder, list, image or audio file.

Google Keep 1 Google Keep 2 Google Keep 3



Smartphone vendors aren’t just innovating on hardware front, they’re also offering users some really useful apps. Lenovo’s DOit apps make file transfers, syncing, security and more easy, and now the suite is being joined by a new app called REACHit. The app acts as a unified file manager to access files from your device as well as cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. It’s also available for Windows PC’s, allowing users to quickly move files between their PC and smartphone.



After creating simple Q&A app Jelly, Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone is back with another simplistic app dubbed as SUPER. To put it plainly, the app allows you to share your thoughts anonymously. You have to choose from amongst the already available prompts and then add your own text along with an image to share it. However, don’t consider it as a Secret replacement, since it doesn’t offer true anonymity and lets one see the post’s author.



TelegramTelegram {Update} (Free)

Telegram skyrocketed to popularity earlier this year when people began worrying that Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp would lead to latter’s commercialisation. With the v2.0, Telegram is donning the visual design for the Android 5.0 Lollipop interface, and also comes with some added functionality. You can now customise the list of people who can see when you were last online. An interesting feature is the option to set your account to self-destruct if you are inactive during a pre-defined time period.

Telegram 1 Telegram 2 Telegram 3

WeMailWeMail (Free)

Email is one of the oldest methods of communication in the internet era, yet it isn’t the most productive. Perhaps that’s the reason we see a new app every now and then, which aims to solve this problem. After Google’s radically-different Inbox app, this time we have a new app on the block called WeMail. The app can connect to popular email providers like Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. It then organises all your mails by sender, which makes it easier to go through them. It also offers a separate tab to view attachments from different emails. Another interesting feature is the ability to reply to emails using your voice, as the app gives you an option to send a voice note up to 20 seconds in length.

WeMail 1WeMail 2WeMail 3



Darkness RebornDarkness Reborn (Free)

Darkness Reborn requires you to play as a warrior to save the world from a knight who is cursed by a dragon. You’ll have to travel the darkness and form a team with friends to beat the evil. To climb the ranks, you have to win against the enemy in three-against-three combat.

Kingdom Rush OriginsKingdom Rush Origins (Rs 183.91)

Although the third title in the Kingdom Rush franchiese, one of the most popular tower defence games, Kingdom Rush Origins is actually the prequel to the series. In this game, you will be in command of an elven army, tasked with defending mystical lands from sea serpents, evil sorcerers and more with the help of new towers, heroes and spells. The title offers captivating gameplay and stunning graphics to keep you addicted. The game has different difficulty modes to choose from – classic, iron and heroic, along with the option to unlock more than 70 achievements.

The Banner SagaThe Banner Saga (Rs 614.99)

The game follows the story of a king and his daughter who have lost their battle and are now struggling to survive. It’s a tactical role-playing game where your choices would not only affect your personal story, but can change the outcome of the game as well. You can choose to play from 25 different characters, and combined with the game’s brilliant script and visuals, it becomes a must play.

Also check out the Hungama music app, which has been updated with support for Indic languages allowing you to search for regional songs and view menus in the same language.

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