Top Android apps and games of the week #46

It seems that Apple is also acknowledging the dominance of its arch rival Android as a platform for powering smartphones. The reason we’re saying so is that Apple has just introduced its music-streaming app dubbed Music for Android devices. There are many more recently-launched and updated apps and games on Android, especially curated for you, so read on to find them.

Apple MusicApple Music (Free)

The Cupertino giant acquired Beats last year, and ever since, it’s bringing its services and products to its fold. Apple Music, as the name suggests, offers users the ability to stream music from a variety of stations. Users can start using the app with a three-month trial that provides them the option to listen to over 30 million songs. Along with playing songs of their choice, users can also tune in to radio stations, curated by editors.

Apple Music ! Apple Music 2 Apple Music 3

Google MapsGoogle Maps {Update} (Free)

Google Maps is among the most popular navigation services available on smartphones, but it had one major limitation – it required the access to internet for finding routes. Not anymore, as with its latest update, the app can work offline. Users can now download the map of a particular area on their phones and can use the app for navigation even without cellular data. The best part is that apart from viewing the map, you can also get turn-by-turn directions, search for destinations and find information about places.

Google Maps 1 Google Maps 2 Google Maps 3

LinkedInLinkedIn {Update} (Free)

LinkedIn, the professional social network, has just received a major revamp, making its design language coherent with Google’s Material Design. Along with a cleaner design and nice animations, the app has also changed its navigation for ease of use. Now, it shows five tabs at the top, categorised into home, me, messaging, my network and search.

LinkedIn 1 LinkedIn 2 LinkedIn 3

Ola MoneyOla Money (Free)

Ola, the leading cab-hailing service is quickly diversifying its business. Digital payments have become a hot sector in the past few months, and Ola has also joined the herd, in partnership with ZipCash. With its Ola Money app, users can check their balance in the wallet, send money to friends and family, recharge their mobile numbers and more. The service has also partnered with various other retailers for allowing payment via Ola Money.

Ola Money ! Ola Money 2 Ola Money 3

TumblrTumblr {Update} (Free)

Tumblr, a popular no-fuss platform for blogging, has now jumped on the messaging bandwagon. With its latest update, which is being rolled out gradually, Tumblr users can now message each other. The feature adds a social element to the service, and offers features like threaded messaging. The messaging option won’t be available for private and group blogs, and users have the option to get messages from only those who follow them. There are also privacy features built in, as blocked users can’t send messages and messages can’t be sent anonymously.

Tumblr 1 Tumblr 2 Tumblr 3


DulpDulp (Free)

Dulp is a fun and addictive puzzle with interesting graphics. The objective of the game is fairly simple, but it becomes difficult as you move up to higher levels. All you need to do is to launch the ball in such a manner that it goes to the corresponding colour of the wheel so as to destroy it. To complete a level, you need to clear all the coloured sections of the ring(s).

Lost EchoLost Echo (Rs 197.71)

In the title, you play as the protagonist Greg, whose girlfriend Chloe has mysteriously disappeared in front of him. Adding to the adventure element of the game is the fact that no one remembers her. The point-and-click adventure offers super graphics and a nice background sound track to make the game more interesting. You can interact with several characters in the game to reach the crux of the issue.

This War of MineThis War of Mine (Rs 399)

After the popularity of the tablet-only version, the developers have released its mobile-optimised version. The game lets the players see the war from an entirely new angle, where they have to lead a group of survivors and help them survive the besieged city. Separated in two different gameplays of day and night, the title keeps the user engaged with its black-and-white graphics.

YouTube is a popular portal for watching videos, but on the side lines it has also become popular for listening to music. Perhaps that’s why search giant has introduced YouTube Music recently. Sadly, the app isn’t available in India yet, but it surely can be expected to launch here soon.

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