Top Android apps and games of the week #45

In this edition of top Android apps and games, we have an email client, a wallpaper-downloading app, a fully-secure messenger, along with many interesting titles. We also have an addictive game to help you unwind this weekend. So, read on to find out which titles are worth your time and space on your mobile device.

Alto MailAlto Mail (Free)

While there’s no dearth of email clients on Android, apart from the official apps, hardly any of them help you to reach inbox nirvana. Alto Mail, which comes from AOL, is the latest app that tries to do so and it can connect to various email services such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. It automatically organises your mails into various stacks, and also displays information about travel and shopping in the form of cards, which are accessible even without opening the email.

Alto Mail 1 Alto Mail 2 Alto Mail 3

BackdropsBackdrops – Wallpapers (Free)

If you want high-quality wallpapers for your smartphone, look no further than Backdrops. The app brings forth a wide variety of full-res wallpapers, which you can download and use on your device. It also offers a stunning new wallpaper every day. While the app is free, you can also download more original work by shelling out for premium sets.

Backdrops 1 Backdrops 2 Backdrops 3

Google Indic KeyboardGoogle Indic Keyboard (Free)

As the saying goes, India is a great example of “diversity in unity” with its multiple cultures, languages and more. Search titan Google is also aware of this fact, and hence it has renamed its Hindi keyboard to Indic Keyboard along with support for up to 10 languages. These languages include Assamese, Bengali, Punjabi, and Tamil among others.

Google Indic Keyboard 1 Google Indic Keyboard 2 Google Indic Keyboard 3

OperaOpera {Update} (Free)

Before the rise of Chrome and other mobile browsers, Opera was the most popular browser for handheld devices, thanks to its data compression technology. Now, the company is bringing the same prowess to videos as well, which means that you can watch videos without worrying about rising data consumption with its video compression algorithms. The app also has a new logo along with a few other feature additions.

Opera 1 Opera 2 Opera 3

Along with the main browser, Opera has also updated its mini edition with a download notifier among other things.

SignalSignal Private Messenger (Free)

Privacy has become an important concern for most people in the past few months, and if you’re looking for a secure platform for chats, the Signal app comes to your rescue. Not just messages, the app offers you an encrypted mechanism to call people too, as Signal is a combination of two popular titles – TextSecure and RedPhone. The best part is that the app is open source, which means its security is being verified by a number of people.

Signal 1 Signal 2 Signal 3

WhatsAppWhatsApp {Beta} (Free)

While we usually list apps only when they are released on the Play Store, this one is an exception, considering the feature addition and the fact that WhatsApp is used by almost all smartphone users. With its latest beta version, users can star messages or media, so that they can visit them later. If you have a device that’s running Android Marshmallow, you can also make use of the Direct Share functionality to send WhatsApp chats directly to contacts.

WhatsApp 1 WhatsApp 2 WhatsApp 3

YouTubeYouTube {Update} (Free)

Google’s Cardboard is one of the least expensive ways to experience virtual reality, however you also need VR content for the same. YouTube, which is the most popular platform for watching videos, has just received an update, which allows you to watch any video in VR through a Cardboard-compatible headset.

YouTube 1 YouTube 2 YouTube 3


Shooty SkiesShooty Skies (Free)

Crossy Road, launched in November last year, was an addictive game where players needed to help a chicken (and other characters) cross the road and go as far as possible. Now, the developers have released its sequel dubbed Shooty Skies, with similar gameplay. Players have to take control of a cute animal of their choice, and help it manoeuvre across the sky while avoiding enemies. Just like its predecessor, the title offers impressive graphics.

If you’re a fan of the SwiftKey Keyboard like us, make sure to update to the latest v6.0, which offers double word prediction.

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