Top Android apps and games of the week #43

Smartphones take on many roles, and one of the most important, yet underrated benefits offered by them is navigation. You don’t longer need to ask people around or look for milestones to reach your destination. This week, we have a couple of apps which have received updates for making navigation even easier. Alongside, we also have some other interesting apps and games on offer. So, read on to find out must-have titles for your Android devices this week.

BoomerangBoomerang (Free)

With our attention spans reducing, companies are finding innovative ways to help users capture other’s attention. Twitter-owned Vine started the concept of short six-second videos, and now Instagram is going a step further with one-second videos with its latest app called Boomerang. The app takes burst of multiple pictures and combines them as a silent video. Once the video is made, you can share it to various apps or simply save it to your device, though in that case, it saves a four-second video loop.

Boomerang 1 Boomerang 2 Boomerang 3

Here MapsHere Maps {Update} (Free)

Here Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps along with Google Maps, and its latest update has added some more features to its arsenal. With its Route Sharing option, users can now share directions with anyone via WhatsApp and other messaging services. The best part is that the complete route details are sent to the recipient instead of just the destination. Developers have also brought back the popular voice of Surfer Dude to the app, and users can download it for voice-guided navigation.

Here Maps 1 Here Maps 2 Here Maps 3

KnockOnKnockOn (Free)

Ever since LG pioneered the concept of double-tap-to-wake gesture for unlocking smartphone, this method has become quite popular. In fact, it feels odd to use power button every time you need to unlock a device that doesn’t support this feature. If you also feel the same, then an app called KnockOn can add this capability to your mobile. Not just that, in case your phone sports an OLED screen, you can also enable the option to bring it to life by a simple tap.

KnockOn 1

LinkedIn LookupLinkedIn Lookup (Free)

One of the major use-cases of LinkedIn is to search for one’s peers in their own organisation. Now, the brand has introduced a specific app to offer this capability. The app allows you to search for your co-workers and get more info about them, even if you’re not connected to them. You can also get in touch with them through LinkedIn Lookup.

LinkedIn Lookup 1 LinkedIn Lookup 2 LinkedIn Lookup 3

MapquestMapquest {Update} (Free)

With the latest update, Mapquest has made it extremely easy for users to compare different options of reaching their destinations, and choose which one’s the best. This would be a nifty option, and on top of that, the app has revamped maps, making them load faster and more responsive. Users can not only see local businesses around a place, but can get more info about them by browsing menus and reading reviews of restaurants or making reservations in a hotel.

Mapquest 1 Mapquest 2 Mapquest 3

ParchiParchi (Free)

With its Garage initiative, Microsoft has introduced several interesting apps and it’s latest app is no different. Parchi, which in Hindi, means a piece of paper meant to write something quickly, is a digital implementation of the same idea. It lets you capture small bits of information, and tag them as well. Users can write text, make lists or add pictures, and can also share them with others. The notes can also be turned into reminders, coloured for differentiation or pinned to the lockscreen.

Parchi 1 Parchi 2 Parchi 3


FallenFallen (Free)

Fallen is a simple puzzle game which is extremely easy to play to begin with, and then starts becoming tougher with each new level. It’s a reaction game, where you need to tap to spin the balls and when they’re falling down, you need to match them on the basis of their colour. It offers an immersive experience with lovely graphics and sound effects.

PrunePrune (Rs 259.89)

Prune is a beautiful and minimalistic puzzle with a soothing sound track. The premise of the game is simple – you need to prune your tree in such a manner that it grows into the sunlight , while avoiding the dangers of other objects. The tree can be trimmed with the swipe of your finger and you can proceed to the next level by growing a minimum number of flowers.


If you’re a fan of Jason Statham, then this game is a must have, as you’ll be teaming up with the Hollywood star to take on the terrorists. You’ll be a part of his paramilitary team called SPEAR and learn the art of killing with voice guidance from the star. The game falls in the first-person shooting genre and you can choose from a variety of weapons depending upon the mission.

While Google has offered developers the ability to introduce beta versions of their apps so that a select few users can use them and check for bugs and stability, it’s interesting that the company didn’t have this option for its flagship app itself. Not anymore, as now users can join the beta channel of Google app to test the experimental features before they’re rolled out publically.

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