Top Android apps and games of the week #41

As we’re inching closer towards the release of the upcoming Android version, codenamed as ‘L’, more and more Google apps are donning a material design refresh. Just last week, the Big G revamped its Play Newsstand app with a new design, and this week, the Play Store redesign with v5.0 is rolling out gradually to everyone, while various leaks suggest that a new design for Google Now is also on the cards. But as much as we’re excited about the new design adapted by the apps, we’re also interested in seeing what new apps and games hit the store this week. So, here’s another edition of the top apps and games of the week.

Adobe Creative SuiteAdobe Creativity Suite (Free)

With the Creativity Suite, Adobe is bringing the power of its powerful suite of apps like Photoshop and Illustrator to users on the cloud and mobile. Though the app is currently in the preview stage, it lets users organise and view their files uploaded on Creative Cloud. To use it, you have to become a member of Creative Cloud, which offers 2GB of cloud storage in the free tier.

Adobe Creative Suite 1 Adobe Creative Suite 2 Adobe Creative Suite 3

Glympse ExpressGlympse Express (Free)

Popular location-sharing app Glympse is trying to make it easier for users to share their location with anyone. Just a couple of weeks after introducing Glympse Keyboard, it has launched a new app on the Play Store which offers a minimalistic interface and simply allows the user to share location via any app or even an SMS. You can also set the time for which others should be able to view their location.

Glympse Express 1 Glympse Express 2 Glympse Express 3

HTC ZoeHTC Zoe (Free)

The Taiwanese smartphone maker is aiming to differentiate itself from other handset manufacturers with its photographic abilities. It not only entered a new territory of cameras with RE at its Double Exposure event, it also announced that its popular photo app Zoe will be available for non-HTC devices. Zoe allows users to create short videos by combining various images and picture, and share them with others in the app itself or to other social networks. It also offers the ability to use others’ images and video, and remix them with your Zoe.

HTC Zoe 1 HTC Zoe 2 HTC Zoe 3

ObscureObscure (Free)

Obscure, as the name suggests, is an app that lets you share messages and pictures with your friends in any way you want. Not only  can you spruce up your images with filters and doodles, but also obscure certain part of the images. You can also delete the sent messages or images even after you’ve shared them, and don’t worry, your friends can’t capture screenshots since the app has disabled that feature. You can also scramble your messages by enabling the text filter.

Obscure 1 Obscure 2 Obscure 3

ShutAppShutApp {Update} (Free)

Worried that your smartphone’s battery is draining too fast? Well, you can disable Bluetooth or internet connectivity to avoid it. But if that’s not the option, then ShutApp could be a lifesaver for you. The app tracks your usage and allow you to clear unused background apps with one tap. You can also disable unused apps to access data at the background or send you push notifications.

ShutApp 1 ShutApp 2 ShutApp 3

SwiftKeySwiftKey (Free)

SwiftKey is one of those apps that can change your life since it allows you to type faster and more accurately on your smartphone. With the latest update, the app has become more localised for Indian users as it has added support for 11 languages such as Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and more. To delight its Indian userbase even more, the app is offering a free Diwali keyboard theme on its store.

SwiftKey 1 SwiftKey 2 SwiftKey 3


Cars - Fast as lighning

Cars: Fast as lightning (Free)

Based on the popular animated movie of the same name, Cars: Fast as lightning is an ideal racing game for kids. The game offers simple controls to make it easier to play with the virtual pedal being pressed whenever you need acceleration, and leave it when you’re turning around the corners. The title has good graphics and cars with different characters and their unique dialogues make it even more interesting. You can also build the racing track any way you want.

Fruit NinjaFruit Ninja {Update} (Free)

Updated last week, the popular fruit slicing game has been built again from the ground up with new gameplay and more characters. While the game’s premise remains the same – slice fruits to gain points and avoid slicing bombs, the bonus points are given on the basis of blade or dojo used. The new characters also guide you through the game.

Fruit Ninja 1 Fruit Ninja 2

Humble Bundle has pretty much become a regular fixture in our Android apps and games series. In its ninth edition, the bundle offers a number of popular games such as Syberia, Bardbarian: Golden Axe Edition, First Strike, Leo’s Fortune, etc. So if you’re interested in owning in any of these games, then now is the best time as they are available for far lesser price with Humble Bundle 9.

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