Top Android apps and games of the week #40

The Play Store is our one-stop destination for downloading various apps and games on our Android devices, but the search titan also pushes updates to the store itself from time to time to make it even better. The latest update lets you see the range of in-app purchases for the particular app or game upfront. So make sure you update the Play Store on your device to benefit from this addition. For now, let’s take a look at the top apps and games that are new or updated this week.

Camera51Camera51 (Free)

There are a litany of camera apps in the Play Store, but what makes Camera51 different is its focus on the composition of the scene to help you capture a perfect photo. The app automatically analyses the scene, shapes, lines and objects and guides to the best frame. All you need to do is to place the little smartphone icon in the rectangular box referred to as the ‘Aim-Box’. You can also select an object you want to focus on manually, or select multiple objects (up to three) in the viewfinder.

Camera51 1 Camera51 2 Camera51 3

The app requires good hardware and you might experience some lagging issues in low-end devices. Furthermore, it only works on smartphones that support an aspect ratio of 3:4.

Google Play NewsstandGoogle Play Newsstand {Update} (Free)

Just a couple of weeks after bringing the ability to buy paid magazines on Play Newsstand to India, the app has once again been featured in our top apps and games. This time around, the app has received a complete Material Design makeover for the upcoming Android L update. There are several other improvements as well, such as a new magazine experience optimised for the smaller screens of smartphones, faster article load performance and more.

Google Play Newsstand 3 Google Play Newsstand 2 Google Play Newsstand 1

OfftimeOfftime (Free)

Addicted to your smartphone and missing out on what’s actually happening around you? Well, Offtime can help you get some downtime for a specified number of hours, defined by you. The app already has a few profiles, but if they don’t fit your need, you can reconfigure them or create a new profile altogether. Based on the profile selected by you, the app will automatically mute notifications, calls, texts and even restrict access to apps. However, the app allows you to receive calls / messages from important numbers, or let through calls from the same number within three minutes. You can unblock a few apps too, and once you have unplugged yourself for a couple of hours, the app will then show you all your missed activities.

Offtime 1 Offtime 2 Offtime 3

You can also see various insights with Offtime, such as the apps that you’re using most or how successful you have been with its use.

ShutterShutter by StreamNation (Free)

If you’re worried that you don’t have enough space on your mobile phone for your photos or videos, the latest app from the people behind cloud service StreamNation might be your saviour. The app provides infinite storage for saving all your photos / videos in the cloud directly (they aren’t saved offline). Although, if you want, you can sync the photos in offline mode.

Shutter 1 Shutter 2 Shutter 3

The best part is that the app is totally free and there aren’t any ads.

PushbulletPusbullet {Update} (Free)

It’s no hidden fact that Pushbullet is one of our favourite apps, allowing you to mirror your smartphone notifications on your desktop and enable easier file sharing between the two. With the latest update, the app is going to the next level with the new Channels functionality. In simple words, it sends you push notifications whenever the channel you have subscribed is updated, which is more real-time than email or RSS feeds. For example, you  can subscribe to the Humble Bundle channel to know whenever the latest Bundle goes on sale.

Pushbullet channels

SmartNewsSmartNews (Free)

This week, we have another news-reading application for you. While it looks like just any other news-reading app, allowing you to browse through different news topics or read articles from a particular website / newspaper, it has some subtle-yet-important differences. The app tracks social media to bring you trending articles, and you can also connect your Twitter account to get a personalised feed based on your interests. There’s also a SmartView feature, that allows you to read articles on a low bandwidth.

SmartNews 1 SmartNews 2 SmartNews 3


Entwined ChallengeEntwined Challenge (Rs 60.42)

Can you control two characters independently with your two thumbs? The graphically-pleasing Entwined Challenge game involves just that by asking you to manoeuvre an orange fish and a blue bird on the left and right side of the screen respectively. You can control them by sliding up or down on either side of the screen. The game has five different stages associated with five different elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Entwined Challenge 1 Entwined Challenge 2

Hellraid- The EscapeHellraid: The Escape (Rs 190.00)

Hellraid: The Escape is an action-adventure game where you have to escape from a demonic prison by solving various puzzles. The title features visually-appealing graphics and the storyline makes it even more intriguing. Since you’re already dead in the game, you always resurrect yourself to play again from the beginning.

Also, check out the update to Dropbox, which allows you to save files from the cloud to your external microSD card directly.

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