Top Android apps and games of the week #4

According to the latest study by app analytics firm App Annie, the Google Play Store witnessed an unprecedented growth in 2015. Its market share also grew tremendously in comparison to Apple’s App Store. The number of apps on the digital storefront are growing prodigiously and that’s why we round up the best ones every week to make it easier for you to know which ones to download. This week, we have some interesting new apps and games, along with updates to some popular ones. Let’s begin.

GoogleGoogle {Update} (Free)

If you use the Google search app for weather information, then you’d know that it provides a generic card offering basic details only. However, with the latest update, the weather reporting has been completely redone, both in terms of the interface as well as the info provided. Based on the current sky conditions, the info will have different backdrops. Along with the temperature details, it’ll also report hourly sky conditions, air quality, UV index, a detailed 10-day forecast, sunrise and sunset times and much more.

Google weather update

KickstarterKickstarter (Free)

Kickstarter gave a rise to a new concept called crowdfunding – letting users contribute to see a hardware project, movie, and music album among other things come to life. With its Android app, now you can do all that from your mobile device itself. You can view projects in the different categories, along with seeing all the details about a particular project. Finally, if you like a certain project, then you can back it up by contributing money.

Kickstarter 1 Kickstarter 2 Kickstarter 3

MimicMimicker Alarm (Free)

Microsoft has been offering some interesting apps through its Garage initiative, and the latest app also continues the same ideology. Mimicker Alarm, as the name suggests, is an app for setting up alarms that can be customised with different days and ringtones. However, what sets it apart is its “Mimic” feature, that doesn’t turn off the alarm unless you do the mentioned task. The tasks range from snapping a selfie, speaking a phrase, solving a puzzle, and matching expressions among others. You can also share your personalised images with your friends after each alarm.

Mimic 1 Mimic 2 Mimic 3

WikipediaWikipedia {Update} (Free)

Wikipedia is among the top 10 websites globally, and rightly so as it offers information about anything and everything. Its mobile app is also popular, and the latest version makes it more user-friendly. It now provides a quick-access toolbar at the top of the topic letting you save the article for reading it later or share it with others. The update also has solved memory usage and out-of-memory crashes to offer a smoother experience to users.

Wikipedia 1 Wikipedia 2 Wikipedia 3


CrashlandsCrashlands (Rs 339.16)

Crashlands fall in the action RPG genre and features an addictive storyline. You play as Flux Dabes, a delivery person in space. However, while delivering a shipment, he gets stranded on a random planet by crashing the spaceship. Now, your job is to fix the ship along with retrieving the packages to deliver them to respective places. Alongside, you’ll also need to overcome an evil plan for world domination. The title has visually-appealing graphics and a large world to keep you occupied.

Star Trek TimelinesStar Trek Timelines (Free)

If you’re eagerly waiting for the upcoming Star Trek: Beyond, then this title is for you as you can be a part of the sci-fi adventure with it. Star Trek Timelines lets you explore the whole history of Star Trek and lets you assemble your crew from your favourite characters of the series. You can also command iconic starships such as The Defiant, Voyager, Borg Cubes and a dozen others. The title promises to offer an immersive experience.

The Westport IndependentThe Westport Independent (Rs 299)

The Westport Independent is set in the post-war country which is being governed by Loyalist Party. You play as the editor of the newspaper, which is among the last independent newspapers in the country and the job is remove and edit its content. You will need to be cautious though as you’ll need to bring the truth in front of readers, while ensuring that the government doesn’t shut your newspaper down. The title has an adaptive story which takes shape according to your decisions and actions.

That brings us to an end to this week’s edition, we’ll be back with another selection of interesting apps and games for your Android devices very soon.

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