Top Android apps and games of the Week #4

According to a recent study, Google’s digital storefront surpassed Apple’s App Store in terms of the number of apps available. While this is great news for Android fans, it also makes it difficult to find new apps which are worthy of your attention. Fret not, as every week we bring to you a curated list of apps and games that you should try out. This week, we have a security app, two document viewing apps and an addictive game, along with several useful updates to our favourite apps.

AMC SecurityAMC Security {Update} (Free)

AMC Security is the popular all-in-one solution for taking care of your phone’s security, along with cleaning storage and boosting its speed. Now, with the latest update, the app has added several premium features, and the most important of them is Payment Guard. By detecting fake Wi-Fi hotspots, fake payment apps, phishing websites, and more, the app ensures that your account details don’t fall into the wrong hands.

AMC Security 1 AMC Security 2 AMC Security 3

AsanaAsana {Update} (Free)

Asana is one of the most popular services for collaborating between team members in a workplace, since it replaces email, text messages and file transfers with a single platform. However, until now, its mobile app was always a sub-par experience as it was essentially a website wrapper. But with version 3.0, the app has gone native and has also adopted a Material Design ethos. The app now offers almost all the functionalities available on the website, and also syncs everything automatically.

Asana 1 Asana 2 Asana 3

Field TripField Trip {Update} (Free)

Field Trip is one of the lesser-known gems from Google’s stable. The app as the name suggests, shows you the landmarks around you. With the latest update, the app gets a Material Design-esque layout and a better way of providing notifications to help you discover the landmarks around your location. The app also provides a brief history of the location, and you can filter landmarks as well, which means you can choose to only discover museums or architectural places.

Field Trip 1 Field Trip 2 Field Trip 3

Google DocsGoogle Docs {Update} (Free)

The search engine titan is offering some new features to its document editing suite of Docs, Slides and Sheets with this latest update. Google Docs will now offer real-time spell-checking, while Sheets will allow you to hide rows and columns in the spreadsheet. Slides now give you the ability to group shapes. Apart from that, the trio will also support screen-reading services such as Talkback.

Google Docs 1 Google Sheets Google Slides

HolaaHolaa {Update} (Free)

With spam calls on rise, an app like Holaa becomes a much-needed saviour allowing you to block such calls. The app comes from the company behind popular messaging app Nimbuzz, and with the latest update, it has added an interesting feature called ‘Hoodle’. This gives you a score based on your calling patterns, Favourites based on the numbers you call the most, and Nirvana Time based on how long you’ve stayed away from calls.

Holaa 1 Holaa 2 Holaa 3

LibreOffice ViewerLibreOffice Viewer Beta (Free)

One of the most popular open-source document viewing and editing softwares, LibreOffice is now available for Android devices. Although it’s in a beta version, the app is quite useful for viewing different document formats such as odt, odp,docx, pptx, etc. In the future, the app’s developers are planning to add support for accessing URLs and the ability to browse external storage, among other features.

LibreOffice Viewer 1 LibreOffice Viewer 2

WhatsAppWhatsApp {Update} (Free)

If you’re amongst the 700 million+ users of the popular instant messenger WhatsApp, its latest update will definitely catch your attention. Now, you can use the app on your computer or laptop by accessing, although this feature works on Google’s Chrome Browser currently. The setup process is extremely simple, however it must be noted that WhatsApp just mirrors notifications from your smartphone, which means that if the device is switched off or data services are off, you will not be able to receive any chats on the website either.

Whatsapp web


Defend your lifeDefend Your Life! (Free)

Defend Your Life! falls into the tower defense genre and as its name indicates, requires you to protect your life in your human body. You act as the commander of the human body’s guards with your only mandate being that no bacteria or viruses pass through the defense system. In case there are any enemies, the different human body parts turn into battlefields and you have to use all the tactics to beat them. Along with an interesting storyline and stunning visuals, the game has 17 levels and 27 different enemies to keep you hooked.

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