Top Android apps and games of the week #39

With a monthly active user base of more than 1.4 billion users, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. However, the company doesn’t want to stagnate with just this one aspect, and that’s why it’s making huge bets on popular services like WhatsApp and Instagram. And it seems that the bets are paying off as Instagram has recently surpassed 400 million users, which is even more than the userbase of microblogging network Twitter. These stats certainly prove that the apps are the next big thing, and that’s why we round up the top titles that are worth your attention every week. Let’s begin.

ClockClock {Update} (Free)

Clock is one of the most basic apps on Android, and yet one of the most useful with its alarms, timers and stopwatch functionality. Google has recently updated the app to version 4.2 with some useful features, such as the ability to choose ascending volume as an alarm tone. Another change is that you can set different ringtones for alarms and timers.

Clock 1 Clock 2 Clock 3

GmailGmail {Update} (Free)

Google has recently updated its emailing app with some much needed features that were earlier available only on the web. Now, you can quickly unsubscribe from any email by simply clicking on the options menu. You can also block specific email addresses, so that mails from them are directly sent to the spam folder.

Gmail 1 Gmail 2 Gmail 3

Khan AcademyKhan Academy (Free)

While MOOCs (massive online open courses) have come to the fore in recent times, Khan Academy was one of the pioneers in this field offering the ability learn for free to everyone. Now, the service has introduced its Android app (after beta release) allowing users to learn on the go. The service covers numerous subjects such as science, economics and history with over 10,000 videos. It also provides the option to save videos for watching them offline later.

Khan Academy 1 Khan Academy 2 Khan Academy 3

Saregama ClassicalSaregama Classical (Free)

While music streaming services are a dime a dozen, the library is usually limited to recent releases. Saregama Classical in comparison brings a vast database of Hindustani, Carnatic and Fusion music from more than 400 artists. It also has over 50 radio stations with all kind of songs including instrumentals. The app also offers information on the Raaga and Taal of the song being played. Additionally, you can download songs to listen them offline.

Saregama Classical 1 Saregama Classical 2 Saregama Classical 3

While it is a subscription-based service, you can use it for free for seven days.

ShotoShoto (Free)

While there are numerous photography apps available for mobile devices, most of them doesn’t offer an easy way to organise one’s collection and choose which photos should remain private or be shared with the world. Shoto aims to change that with its photo-based social networking approach. It also touts itself as a photo-getting app, since it makes it an extremely simple process to get photos from your friends of yesterday’s party or last week’s trip. Along with that, it also lets you create a web album out of your photos, or group all the photos from a particular event.

Shoto 1 Shoto 2 Shoto 3


Adda52 (Free)

If you like playing poker, India’s largest online portal for the same has made it even easier for you with its app. It runs 24 x 7 and gives you access to tournaments and games such as Texas Hold’em. Players can play multiple games at the same point of time and can easily deposit or withdraw cash.


The game is currently available to download from its official website, and will be launched on the Play Store soon.


The fourth in the series of ETERNITY WARRIORS, this title brings impressive graphics and gameplay. The premise of the RPG game requires you to become a hero, and you can choose between three heroes at the start. You can also battle against individual players or form a guild and invite other players to join.

FIFA 16 Ultimate TeamFIFA 16 Ultimate Team (Free)

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team brings the fun to your mobile devices with console-like graphics and smooth gameplay. In the game, you have to start your own team by choosing from over 10,000 players from more than 500 teams. Apart from the formation of the team, you can also select your playing style, kits and even exchange players. 

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team 1 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team 2

It must be noted that the game requires high-end hardware and space of about 1.4GB for installation.

Also check out the latest update to the open-source messaging app Telegram, which has completely rethought ‘Broadcast Lists’ with the concept of ‘Channels’.

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