Top Android apps and games of the week #38

Confused about what to gift your friend on their birthday or special occasion? If they’re Android users, you might consider gifting them Google Play gift cards so that they can purchase apps and games of their liking. And, if you’re wondering what the Play Store offers in terms of titles, our weekly series of top Android apps and games might answer your query. This time around, we have titles from various categories such as news, messaging and payment wallets, along with an addictive game.

HotodayHotoday (Free)

Hotoday is a news-reading app, which aims to differentiate itself from others with its recommendation engine. The app has an appealing UI and it trawls through the web to present you with stories that meet your interests. Unlike many apps which are updated periodically, the Hotoday app is updated constantly.

Hotoday 1 Hotoday 2 Hotoday 3

JustdialJD Justdial {Update} (Free)

Justdial, the popular service which has replaced good ol’ directories, has recently updated its app with a revamped interface and new features, which are referred as ‘Search Plus’. Along with searching for businesses, the app will also let you book movie or travel tickets, order food, and book an appointment among other things. It has also added the navigation feature in the app.

Justdial 1 Justdial 2 Justdial 3

LimeLIME (Free)

Payment wallets are a hot category these days with new-age digital firms like Paytm and Mobikwik changing the way people transact. However, incumbent banks aren’t far behind either, with firms like HDFC and ICICI already launching their solutions for the same. The latest entrant on the block is Axis Bank’s LIME app, which allows anyone (even those who aren’t Axis Bank account holders) to recharge their phone or DTH connections, pay their bills and shop online. It also offers features such as splitting bills or pooling money with other users.

Lime 1 Lime 2 Lime 3

Moto BodyMoto Body (Free)

If you’re a Moto 360 (first impressions) owner, Motorola has released a new tracking app for you. The app tracks your daily activity such as steps walked, heart rate and calorie burn. You can also view your data in a graphical manner weekly, monthly or even yearly. It also offers personalised insights based on your goals.

Moto Body 1 Moto Body 2 Moto Body 3

Along with the Moto Body app, Motorola has also updated its Motorola Connect app. While it’s capable of connecting and controlling devices from the Lenovo-owned brand, it has added some special features for Moto 360 owners, letting them change the watch faces on their smartwatch.

Move to iOSMove to iOS (Free)

Apple is known for its closed ecosystem of hardware, services and apps, however the company has just released its very first Android app. Most Android fans won’t be too happy about it though, as the app is aimed at making it easier for users to transfer their data from an Android device to Apple’s offering. It can help in transferring contacts, messages, camera album, and email accounts among other things. The transfer takes place seamlessly via a private Wi-Fi network.

Move to iOS 1 Move to iOS 2

PintaskingPintasking (Free)

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ (first impressions) has a cool function of letting you access your favourite apps by a simple swipe from its edge screen. Well, even if you don’t own Samsung’s curvy flagship, you can get the similar feature on your device with Pintasking. In accordance with its name, it allows you to create floating shortcuts not just to apps, but documents or tasks as well. It follows Google’s Material Design ethos and has slick animations. It also offers a browser extension that can collect links you click open from different apps, so that you can access all of them at once later.

Pintasking 1 Pintasking 2 Pintasking 3

SkypeSkype {Update} (Free)

Move over emojis, because Skype now offers ‘mojis’ in its latest update v6.2. These mojis aren’t just animated, they have sound as well, making them more interactive. Skype has partnered with a number of films and TV series such as Despicable Me, Jurassic Park and The Muppets for providing mojis. Along with that, the app has made it easier to share photos with the new media bar.

Skype 1 Skype 2 Skype 3

Additionally, if you own a Samsung, HTC or Sony smartphone, Skype lets you add a launcher badge to view the number of unread conversations.

SnapchatSnapchat {Update} (Free)

Among a litany of messaging services, Snapchat is able to differentiate itself with its focus on ephemerality, which has also made it extremely popular among youth. You can only view each snap once, and then it’s gone forever. Until now, that is. In an attempt to monetise the service, now you can buy the ability to replay three snaps for 99 cents. Although, even after paying, you’d able to view them only once more. It has also added the functionality to add fun effects to your selfies.

Snapchat 1 Snapchat 2 Snapchat 3


Order & ChaosOrder & Chaos 2: Redemption (Free)

Order & Chaos 2 follows up on the success of its extremely popular MMORPG predecessor with an interesting storyline and appealing graphics. You can begin the game by choosing from any of the five races – Orc, Human, Elf, Mendel, and Kratan, and selecting your quest from between Blood Knight, Ranger, Mage, Warrior, and Monk. You can play the game in real-time with multiple players or go against an individual player.

We hope our selection of titles will have your weekend covered. If not, you’ll just have to wait until next week to find another exciting set of apps and games for your Android devices.

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